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Writing and Speaking Center

Our writing consultants help with aspects such as focus, structure, style, and grammar. Speaking consultants help with planning a presentation or practicing its delivery.

Student using Writing and Speaking Center computer
Please come to your writing appointment prepared to share a draft or to discuss your ideas and material actively; consultants will not provide content for essays or take ownership of your paper in any way. If you have a full draft ready for review, please proofread and edit it to the best of your ability and then bring two printed copies to your session.

To make a writing or speaking appointment, click the appropriate box on this page. You may also just walk in during open hours, but consultants may be busy with other students; a scheduled appointment guarantees you a meeting. All writing appointments begin at 15 minutes past the hour. If you log in to the schedule and find that all times are taken, you may add yourself to a waiting list by clicking the small clock icon in the top left corner (see additional policies).

Location and Hours

208 Lathrop Hall
Monday - Thursday 10:15 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 
Friday 10:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
Closed Saturdays
Sunday 2:15 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Learn more about learning opportunities offered by the Writing and Speaking Center with our 2016-17 brochure. READ THE BROCHURE

Writing in College

Professors Jennifer A. Lutman and Suzanne B. Spring provide an introduction to writing in college, and provide advice and tips for students to learn to write for their college classes. READ "WRITING IN COLLEGE"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to the Writing and Speaking Center?
Each year, hundreds of Colgate students visit the center, and most rate their session as “Helpful beyond expectations” and return at least once. The center's visitors range from students who experience some level of difficulty in meeting college-level expectations to those who excel in class assignments at Colgate yet still want to hone their craft as part of a writing community.
Does the center support multilingual ESL/EFL students?
Yes, all WSC consultants are trained to help students with diverse linguistic backgrounds adapt to the conventions of Standard U.S. Academic English.

Additionally, our affiliated ESL/EFL specialist is a faculty member who can work individually with students interested in more intensive language acquisition work. Please contact Suzanne B. Spring at 315-228-7316, or sspring@colgate.edu with any second language concerns.
Who are the consultants?
The consultants are current Colgate students from across the disciplines and class years. The peer consultants receiving ongoing training and have been selected not only for their skills, but for their genuine interest in others' ideas, voices, and learning.
How should I prepare for a session?
If you have a draft or an outline, bring two copies to your appointment. Please also bring your professor's assignment prompt, if available. If you have not yet started writing, bring your notes and ideas along with the prompt; your consultant will ask questions about your understandings and potential arguments to help you move forward.

Overall, consultants respond to drafts by discussing a variety of relevant aspects, such as focus, development, structure, style, grammar, source integration, or delivery. Be prepared to talk with your consultant about honing your own craft and think about each session as a part of the process of cultivating the arts of writing and speaking.

Contact Us

For more information, call 315-228-6085 or e-mail the director, Jennifer Lutman at jlutman@colgate.edu