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What is in a Financial Aid Award?

Colgate financial aid awards are based on a student’s need and typically include the following three types of funding.
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Grant aid is sometimes called "gift aid" because it needs to be neither earned nor repaid. Grants are based entirely on demonstrated need — they are not dependent on a student’s grade point average (GPA) or major, etc. At Colgate, a grant is typically the largest portion of an aid award.


Aid packages usually include a modest Federal Direct Loan. Colgate students tend to borrow considerably less than their peers nationwide. For example, Colgate's Class of 2017 had an average debt load of roughly $15,500, while that year's national average was approximately $28,500. MORE ABOUT LOANS


Many students receive a work-study opportunity in their aid awards. Having the opportunity to work on campus allows students to invest in their own educations, reducing the need for additional loans while also providing valuable work experience. The work-study amount can generally be earned by working between ten and twelve hours a week, which leaves plenty of time for academics and activities. MORE ABOUT EMPLOYMENT

What if I Do Not Receive Financial Aid in My First Year?

Domestic students who do not receive aid during their first year at Colgate but who become eligible for assistance in a subsequent year generally receive a loan and job first, then grant to meet remaining need, if any.  International students who did not receive Colgate aid upon admission are not eligible for aid in subsequent years.