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Our campus and community are open and welcoming of all people. Colgate’s LGBTQ Initiatives is specifically dedicated to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally students.

LGBTQ Initiatives

This office serves as direct support for LGBTQ individuals, provides supportive programming, and acts as a network for LGBTQ faculty, staff, students and alumni, including their respective support groups.




A student-run group of LGBTQ members dedicated to enhancing the social and support networks for queer students. This group provides a social outlet, a place for members to meet others like themselves, and an avenue for members to organize around relevant political issues and events.




A student-run group of LGBTQ & ally members who are dedicated to being educators and activists on campus in order to create an increasingly LGBTQ-friendly culture. Similar to a "gay-straight alliance," this group is open to all.



LGBTQ Support Across Campus

Reducing homophobia, transphobia, bias, and prejudice is our priority. In this effort, Colgate's Student Government Association voted unanimously on a bill in support of LGBTQ students and opposing hate-speech, read this bill here.

LGBTQ Library Collections

LGBTQ Studies, Women's Studies, and LGBTQ Initiatives contribute to a special collection in the Colgate University Libraries database. Please visit the Colgate University Libraries site, or search the Women's Studies directory directly to access the collection. Debbie Krahmer is our reference librarian specializing in LGBT research and collections.

Contact Debbie:

LGBTQ & Ally Alumni

Want to stay involved?

Help us build our Alumni Database! The best way to stay connected upon graduation is to join the LGBTQ & Ally Alumni ListServ via Alumni Relations. We send out notices for local LGBTQ Colgate events, invitations and newsletters! Simply e-mail your full name and class year to with the subject "Alumni database."

Interested in giving back to LGBTQ life at Colgate?

Alumni donations sponsor the student internship program, scholarship funds for local & national conferences. This year we sent over 40 students, faculty and staff to three different Queer conferences. Giving back helps us keep moving forward! Make your gift by contacting the Colgate Annual Fund at

Ally Pledge

PLEDGE TO BE AN ALLYAn ally is a person who supports, respects, and accepts people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.