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Your Housing Account

Online access to information related to your residential experience. Students can submit online work orders, late stay or early arrival requests, participate in room selection, and more.
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First-Year Housing

As you enter your first year, you will be matched with a roommate and given the key to a room in one of several traditional residence halls on our upper campus, just seconds from your classes, dining halls, and new friends! READ MORE

Sophomore Housing

As a sophomore, you may choose your roommates and select from a variety of housing options, including traditional residence halls, suite-style living, and more. READ MORE

Junior and Senior Housing

As a junior and senior, we encourage you to explore your independence with university apartment, townhouse, or house-style living focused around Broad St. and College St. — though classes, dining halls, and campus remain just a short walk or cruiser ride away. READ MORE

Residential Learning Experiences

Residential Commons
In the fall of 2015, Colgate launched the first of four residential commons. Located in Curtis and Drake halls and co-led by Rebecca Shiner, associate professor of psychology, and Mark Shiner, university chaplain, this community is home to about 200 first-year students and 200 second-year students. The community is aligned with a designated annex — at 100 Broad Street — where junior and senior members live. READ MORE

Mellon Sophomore Residential Seminars
Since 2013, Colgate has offered three or four seminar opportunities for sophomore students in the fall semester. Each seminar allows 16-18 students to live and study together, meet regularly in their residence hall with the seminar professors and guest speakers, and travel together to a related destination at no extra charge. READ MORE

More Information

Gender Inclusive Housing Statement
We are committed to providing a living environment that is welcoming to all gender identities. Students have the option to live on campus with whomever they choose, regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Effective in the 2013-2014 academic year, upper-level students, regardless of their sex or gender, may request a gender-inclusive bedroom, suite, apartment, townhouse, or college house as part of the housing lottery process. First-year students may also request to live in gender inclusive housing, but must do so by way of a special request made to the Office of Residential Life, prior to the room preference deadline.
General Housing Process
The following policies and conditions are applicable to all students, including those who elect to live in gender-inclusive housing residing with a person of a different gender. Students acknowledge an understanding of the terms of this policy and agree to be bound by them.
  1. All students must be undergraduates and eligible for University housing.
  2. Student must have the housing key of each roommate prior to the selection process and MUST fill the capacity of the requested space.
  3. Issues related to room assignments and vacancies should be directed to the Assistant Director for that specific area. Roommate difficulties and/or a desire to receive a new room assignment will require a meeting with the Assistant Director. Contact the Office of Residential Life at 315-228-7367 to schedule an appointment.
  4. If a roommate cancels their housing or moves out of the room for any reason, the remaining students must identify a new roommate to fill the vacancy within a timeframe established by the Office of Residential Life. If the vacancy is not filled during the allotted timeframe, the Office of Residential Life reserves the right to assign an interested student to the vacancy or to relocate the remaining resident(s) to another vacancy; room-type matching cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Colgate University is committed to the goal of fairness and equity in all aspects of the educational enterprise, and to a campus environment where all members of the community feel safe and respected. Acts of discrimination and harassment are serious violations of our community values.
  6. Aligning with most universities, Colgate University discourages students - of any sexual orientation - who are in a relationship from living together in a residential housing unit.
  7. Students will receive an acknowledgement notice after the room selection process to verify that their gender-inclusive housing request is accurate and agreed upon by everyone assigned to the space.
  8. Incoming students may request gender-inclusive housing options at the time of their housing preference submission.
  9. Incoming students may be asked to speak with the Director of Residential Life to gain a better understanding of the request. It is not guaranteed that gender-inclusive housing requests will always be met, however the Office of Residential Life is committed to accommodating requests when feasible.
  10. No student will be assigned to gender-inclusive housing without consent.
  11. Privacy - Personal information related to requests or selection of gender inclusive housing will be shared with those directly involved in responding to such request and/or those who have a legitimate reason to have access to such information.
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