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Join us for the most impactful Colgate Day yet. On (or around) Colgate Day, members of the global Colgate community will perform volunteer service and other acts of impact. Our goal: 1,300 acts.

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Get Involved How To Make An Impact

Big or small, acts of impact make a positive difference in the lives of others. Attend a Day of Impact event, volunteer, commit a random act of kindness — get involved!

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Participate and Connect Attend An Event

Day of Impact events are happening around the world. Attend one in your area or create an event of your own! Share ideas and request — or offer — volunteer service via our website.

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Be Inspired Stories Of Impact

Members of the Colgate community have long championed the common good. Here are a few of their stories.

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Our Mission Our Mission

Register your act(s) of impact, either in advance or upon completion, to help us reach our goal of 1,300 acts.

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Eric Noyes ’86
Yee-Ann Cho '90
Eric Gokcen '84 working in Ethiopia
Gary Eichhorn ’75
Students provide service in the Dominican Republic.
Susan Pelosi '85
Chrissy Hart '05
Carla Jones '05
Paul Sirma ‘15
Students assist at Bwindi Community Hospital in Uganda.
Bob Fenity '06
Ryan Smith ’13 and Brendon Karson ’13
Jessica Prata '01