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Compelling instruction and professional performance and direction. Meet our theater faculty.
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Brehmer is a proscenium theater with a capacity of 336. Tour the theater with this 360-degree panorama! SEE NOW
Tanya Calamoneri Leads Dance
Colgate's theater program now offers a full slate of dance courses. READ MORE
Histoire de nègre
Laine Barrand, Nicole Jackson, Matthew Kavanagh, and Linh Le served on a panel and shared their experiences of performing the staged reading of Histoire de nègre.
Photos: Company SoGoNo, Bird Suite
Images from the performance of Bird Suite, conceived and directed by Colgate professor Tanya Calamoneri. LEARN MORE
Academic Program in Theater
Our course offerings will challenge your knowledge and assumptions and engage your desire to learn.  READ MORE
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You have many curricular and extracurricular opportunities to get involved with theater on campus.  READ MORE
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There is plenty going on in the Colgate theater community. LEARN MORE
Act, dance, direct, design, and study theater with our extraordinary faculty.

Our Mission

When we “get into the skin” of another human being (in life or in theater), we learn something both about the other person and about ourselves.

In Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, when Perdita puts on a costume for a festival, she says: “Sure, this robe of mine / Does change my disposition.” Playing a role transforms her, even after the festival is over. By studying and making theater, Colgate students act out a variety of perspectives on the world in order to better understand it.

Theater sharpens logic and intuition, and personalizes knowledge through the practice of patience and empathy. By teaching students to act, direct, design, and write for the theater, our courses develop skills in leadership and collaboration that apply to any field of endeavor. Theater students learn to problem solve and self-start through immersion in the challenging, unpredictable, and exhilarating reversals of the creative process.

The theater department offers both a major and a minor in theater. MORE ABOUT MAJOR AND MINOR

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Success after Colgate

Colgate alumni who majored in theater are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out just a few of the possibilities out there for our majors. READ MORE

Note to First-year Students

A gauntlet for us all. In the theater, and perhaps not just in the theater, everybody wants to know “the secret.”

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(The secret of finding the way inside another person or reality, the alchemic secret of total and uncompromising transformation.) When it is not called a secret, the pursuit of the elusive truth has many other names: system, program, practice, project, schema, technique, formula, or method. But if there is a secret, then the secret simply is that there are no secrets. When attempting to make theater, both the beginner and the experienced find themselves on the threshold of something so extraordinarily new that it could be described only imperfectly, through metaphors, similes, and approximations. It is as if exploring a new planet, certainly inhabited by people like us but yet unknown, unseen, and unheard. Will we ever meet them? Will we ever chart these mist-covered lands?

In the fall of 2015, we’ll descend together on an unnamed planet with all the alarm, consternation, apprehension, and emotion we always feel when we begin the adventure of our lives. It will certainly feel like a gauntlet to us all. We’ll meet clowns from Denmark and playwrights from Chile, we’ll reunite with recently graduated colleagues who are already making their mark in the world, we’ll dance and sing. Because true theater is always an astonishing adventure in its ambition and humanity, we might, if we are lucky, transform ourselves into better versions of what we are.
-Adrian Giurgea

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