Scenario 6 - The Forgiveness

A student had been found responsible for hosting drinking games with alcoholic beverages (4 points) on September 1 during their first year. On October 15 of that same year, the student was found responsible for intoxicated person under 21 (2 points) and assessed 1 corollary point for repeated alcohol or other drug-related violation within a period equivalent to a semester. Following that incident, the student was carrying 7 points on personal points history which resulted in:

Following these incidents, the student reconsidered their decision making process and made a goal to avoid situations which presented clear potential for discovery of further violations. By making better choices, it is now December 1 of the student’s sophomore year and they have had no further violations. The student also opted to participate in the point forgiveness program this fall. The student had been compliant with attending and completing the educational referrals.

How would their record reflect their recent decisions and the absence of further incidents?

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