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Programs and Services

There is no charge for office visits at the Student Health Center. Please see specific areas below for minimal charges for some medications, testing, and immunizations. The Student Health Center accepts the ’Gate Card, cash, and checks for payments.
Psychological Support
Sometimes students need psychological support for reasons such as academic stress, family issues, relationship problems, loneliness, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.  We encourage those who are experiencing psychological distress to talk with a counselor at the Counseling Center, 315-228-7385.  The Counseling Center is located in Conant House near the Edge Café. 

The Student Health Center has several providers, including a psychiatric nurse practitioner qualified to help students with mental health issues.  The Student Health Center is able to provide help with medication management while a student is at Colgate.  We work closely with the Counseling Center staff to ensure continuity of care for the student.
CPR Training
The Student Health Center offers American Heart Association CPR training including Family & Friends, Heartsaver First Aid with CPR & AED, and Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers. A small fee for books & materials is required. Please contact us at 315-228-7750 to schedule your group’s session.
Vaccines and Immunizations
Please note that the charge for your immunization is only the cost of the vaccine; there is no charge for administering the vaccine. 

The following routine and travel immunizations are offered in the spring 2012 semester:

  • Hepatitis A $80
  • Hepatitis B $70
  • Polio $30
  • Gardasil (can write prescription to be picked up at local pharmacy & brought to the Health Center)
  • Typhoid Fever $50
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) $40
  • Meningococcal (Menactra) $110
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) free
  • Varicella (chicken pox) $100
  • Travel shots
Travel counseling is offered by the Student Health Center for students traveling out of the country for study-abroad programs or personal travel. We encourage students to get their travel immunizations several weeks in advance of your trip. Counseling will include a review of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for preventive vaccinations and environmental risks for your destination.

Additional information about travel immunizations can be obtained by visiting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at The CDC will provide you with the most current immunization recommendations, as well as disease prevention information.
Allergy shots
Allergy shots are administered by a registered nurse during the academic year if complete and explicit physician’s orders and serum are provided. Students must make arrangements with their home allergist to have serum and treatment schedules sent to the Health Center.

The student will meet with our allergy nurse who will review the instructions and set up an appointment schedule for injections. Allergy shots are only given at the health center when a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant is present. Students are required to stay at the health center for 20-30 minutes following each injection to evaluate for a reaction.
General Health
Students concerned about injuries and illnesses can contact the Student Health Center for an appointment to be evaluated by a health care provider. If your illness requires a prescription medicine, the Health Center stocks a select group of commonly used prescription and over-the-counter medications. There are minimal charges for a few medications that range from $5 - $35; however there is no charge for most medications. If the student requires a different medication, a prescription can be filled in Hamilton at Kinney Drugs: 315-824-2200 (

Limited on-site lab tests are provided at the Student Health Center. Basic lab tests include: urinalysis, pregnancy, vaginitis, and rapid strep. Specimens for additional tests are sent to either an outside reference laboratory or to Community Memorial Hospital, located in Hamilton.
Sexual Health
Women’s Health Exam
Every woman, sexually active or not, is encouraged to have a woman’s health exam every one to two years. An appointment can be made by calling the Health Center at 315-228-7750. 

Women’s health appointments usually take about 45 minutes and include a physical, breast, and pelvic exam. A Pap smear to screen for cervical changes may be obtained. If indicated, testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be done. Any questions and concerns about menstrual cycle, anatomy, sexuality, contraceptive methods, and STI protection may also be discussed.

Men’s Health Exam
Routine men’s health exams are encouraged; appointments can be made by calling the Health Center at 315-228-7750. Time is also given to address questions, teach testicular self-examination, and to discuss sexuality, contraception, and STI protection.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing & Counseling
Students concerned about possible exposure to STIs should contact the Student Health Center at 315-228-7750 to talk with a staff member who will answer questions or schedule an appointment with a health care provider for further evaluation, testing, and/or treatment as indicated. STI testing costs range from $15 - $60. 

The Student Health Center provides free condoms – please help yourself – they are located at the sign-in desk in the front entrance.

Contraceptive Counseling
Women interested in the oral contraceptive pill should call for an appointment with a health care provider to discuss options, which may include a women’s health exam. The Student Health Center sells a selection of oral contraceptive pills for $15 per cycle (month). 

Emergency Contraception
Plan B is offered at the Student Health Center for $20. It is available during our regular business hours, six days a week. To receive Plan B, please contact the main health center at 315-228-7750 or walk in to the Satellite Clinic. The nurse will obtain a history, provide information about the use and side-effects of Plan B, and discuss contraception and transmission of STIs.

Plan B is used to prevent pregnancy. Ideally, it should be given as soon after unprotected intercourse as possible and is most effective when given within 72 hours. To learn more about Plan B, please visit Plan B is also available without a prescription at local pharmacies.

Pregnancy Testing
The Student Health Center offers urine pregnancy testing for a charge of $5. Students wishing to be tested should make an appointment by calling 315-228-7750 or walk in to the Satellite Center. Results are immediately available. Testing is most effective and accurate two weeks from the date of unprotected intercourse.
Heath Services Shadowing
Dr. Merrill Miller participates in the Pre-Health Planning & Health Sciences Advising programs.  For more information, please see here.


The Student Health Center is able to refer students to other Colgate offices such as the Counseling Center and Office of Disability Services, as well as a wide variety of specialists in the Hamilton, Oneida, Cooperstown, Utica, and Syracuse areas. Transportation to these appointments must be arranged by the student and may include taxi, friend or Zipcar.

Health Education Information

Student Health Services, individually and in collaboration with the Counseling Center and Dean of the College staff, provides a variety of health education programs. Please contact us at 315-228-7750 to schedule a program.

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