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OAK Initiative

An initiative to champion and coordinate the meaningful and efficient use of administrative data across the university.
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A Goal of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement chart flows from people, to data, to information, to knowledge, back to people To promote the continuous improvement of administrative functions at Colgate, OAK strategically plans and executes projects to achieve:
  • better communication within and between departments;
  • increased data sharing and updated data access tools;
  • better management of constituent relations, and;
  • reduced paper usage through online process management

What Is an OAK Project?

OAK PROJECT PROPOSALSSimply put, OAK projects are those that allow the university to more effectively utilize information and resources. In particular, OAK projects are inter-departmental and large-scale, where the OAK team is needed to coordinate the university-wide resources necessary for the project to be successful. LEARN MORE

OAK Initiative Team

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact any member of the team.
Ken Belanger
Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor of Biology
Neil Albert
Director of Institutional Planning & Research and Learning Assessment Coordinator; Lecturer in Psychology & Neuroscience
Tim Borfitz
Director Enterprise Systems
Tori Carhart
Interim Registrar
Lori Chlad
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
John Collins
Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Aid
Mark Hine
Project and Communications Manager (Information Technology)
Lindsey Hoham
Senior Associate Director of Advancement Operations
Taurian Houston
Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance
Ellen Holm
Director of Operations, Office of the Dean of the College
Jason Kammerdiener
Lead Information and Digital Architect
Sue Dolly Lathrop
Senior Associate Dean for Admissions Operations
Tom O’Neill
Associate Vice President & Comptroller
Ryan Stahlin '18
Student Government Association Representative