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Colgate Campus Life Survey (2009)

The first campus climate life survey of students was administered in 2003. At that time, it was decided that it would be valuable to repeat the survey on a regular basis.
The first campus climate survey was administered as one of the provisions of a strategic planning effort by the university. It stipulated that that the university undertake a “formal, campus-wide assessment to help us understand the institutional climate around issues of diversity.” The findings were so helpful to the university that the survey process is now repeated at intervals to assess the current campus climate.

The 2009 survey process was first approved by former president Rebecca Chopp in the fall of 2008 and was overseen by a steering committee comprised of Interim President Lyle Roelofs, Dean of Diversity Keenan Grenell, Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty Jill Harsin, and Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson. Colgate’s Director of Institutional Planning and Research, Brendt Simpson, provided assistance on data analysis.

The survey was authored by Colgate Professors Landon Reid (psychology) and Carolyn Hsu (sociology), and was analyzed with assistance from Professor Dan Schult (mathematics). The survey instrument that was developed by Professors Reid and Hsu follows the research literature in this field. The authors also drew student research assistants into the project.

The Colgate Campus Life Survey (CCLS) is a “climate” study that describes the relationships between perceptions of institutional characteristics (e.g., academics, social life), student characteristics (race, gender, socioeconomic status), and student satisfaction at Colgate. The results of the 2009 CCLS can guide and inform institutional and individual efforts to positively impact all aspects of the campus climate.

The CCLS achieved an excellent participation rate (60%) enabling conclusions with strong statistical significance.