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Connecting to Colgate’s Wireless Network

Available Wireless Networks

Colgate offers two wireless network identifiers (SSIDs):

: designed to be used by Colgate students, faculty, and staff. Use password "wireless" when prompted.

: for use by visitors of the university. Visitors may connect to the Internet using the ColgateGuest SSID. For more information on how to connect to ColgateGuest, click here.

To Enhance Your Experience

The first time you initially connect to the Colgate wireless SSID, your machine will not have been validated. As such, you will have all the Internet access you need with the exception of peer-to-peer file-sharing and BitTorrent protocols. To get full access to legal file-sharing protocols and a faster speed, visit the ConnectMe page.

If you have any questions or need additional help, contact the Helpline at 315-228-7111 or itshelp@colgate.edu.