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Connecting Your Laptop to a Projector

Microsoft Windows

Your computer may not automatically send its video signal out to an external display such as a projector.  If the projector is not detecting your computer’s image, confirm that you have set the laptop for displaying both on the laptop screen as well as through the video output to the projector.  

For Windows 7 computers, you can press the Windows Button Windows Logoand the “P” button repeatedly until the arrangement you want is selected.  When hooking up your Windows computer to a projector, you will probably want to use “Duplicate” or “Projector only”.

Windows Menu

For Windows Vista and XP, you can do this by pressing the Fn button and the appropriate Function button at the same time.  

Below are the most popular laptop manufacturers and their special Fn + F keys that must be pressed on the keyboard at the same time.  You may need to toggle through a sequence of options in order to have the picture displayed both on the laptop as well as the projector.

Manufacturer Keys
 Acer  Fn + F5
 Dell  Fn + F8
 Gateway  Fn + F4
 HP (not all models)  Fn + F5
 IBM/Lenovo/ ThinkPad  Fn + F7
 SONY  Fn + F7
 Toshiba  Fn + F5


To display on a projector the same image that is on your Mac, follow these instructions:

Mac Menu

1.  Go to: System Preferences>Displays> then Check “Show displays in menu bar”  

2.  On top of screen, click on the “Displays” icon.  mac display icon   If an external display (such as a projector) is plugged in, you can confirm that mirroring has been turned on.