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Director of Academic Technologies

Colgate University, a leading liberal arts institution, seeks a Director of Academic Technologies to lead a highly collaborative team of instructional technologists.

This team is responsible for assisting faculty in identifying, developing, exploring and implementing pedagogically relevant instructional strategies, software, devices, and services that support the advancement of teaching, learning, and research. Our goal is to enhance and strengthen the intimate liberal arts experience and expand its future directions. 
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Reporting to the CIO, the Director (one of four ITS directors) will be responsible for vision, leadership, planning, operation and strategy for the academic technology group. The Director will work closely with the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Development Council, the Committee on Information Technologies, Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL) and the University Libraries.

Academic Technologies Team Areas

Digital Media Center

Digital Learning and Media Center

The Digital Learning and Media Center is a highly visible, open learning space that can be used as a collaborative studio, a formal classroom, a computer lab.

Faculty Outreach

Speaking with faculty members

University Libraries, and the Dean of the Faculty co-sponsored an opportunity to connect with your faculty colleagues in a casual atmosphere to share how technology is being integrated into the curriculum.

Audio & Video Studio

Audio and Video Studio

The audio & video studios allow for professional audio and video recording

Visualization Lab

Visualization laboratory

The state-of-the-art, 55-seat digital multidisciplinary planetarium theater.

Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL)

Collaboration for Enhanced Learning

CEL is a collaboration of the Libraries and Information Technology Services. The goal is to support faculty in the identification, selection, and use of technologies and information resources applicable to their teaching.

Working Groups on Technology and Teaching

Students looking at telescope Foggy Botton Observatory

This working group started with a focus on technology and teaching, then explored the question, “What teaching innovations that promote faculty learning objectives are worth pursuing given current and forthcoming technologies?”

Peace and Conflict Lab

Peace and Conflict Studies lab

Video conferencing and simulation lab for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Language Learning

Keck Center dedication

W.M. Keck Center for Language Study leverages state-of-the-art technology, and functions as a language lab for students across departments to explore languages and cultures.