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Digital Stories for SOAN 333 - 2009 and 2010

These videos were created by students in the fall 2009 and 2010 Sociology of Age, Aging, and the Lifecourse course taught by Meika Loe, associate professor of sociology and women's studies. For the lab component of the course, each student was matched with an elder learning partner and tasked with compiling a life history and creating a digital story.

Growing Up in India

Close family ties shape a man's life through World War
Elder: Chandran Kaimal
Film by: Erin Knauer

Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

No winter lasts forever: learning to cope with a loss
Elder: Nancy Roberts
Film by: Veronica Genco

Sister Mary Canavan

Sister is sent to rural areas and learns about South American cultures
Elder: Sister Mary Canavan

The Georgetown Boys

Distributing food to schools and the poor through collaboration with Colgate chaplain Elder: Vernon Ross Film by: Sam Radoccia


Couple meets on a couch and let nothing stop them since
Elders: Trevor and Chendra Johnson
Film by: Caroline Anderson

The Trudy Bach Story

German immigrant lives through Great Depression delighting in the little things that made it fun
Elder: Trudy Bach
Film by: Jessica Planamento

Taking a Ride on Mary's Bus

One woman's love for driving lands her in dream career
Elder: Mary Backman
Film by: Jenna Gregory

A Career in Retirement

One man sets up a foundation for refugees from Burma
Elder: Tom Brackett
Film by: Julia Clark

The Life of a Pioneer

Making a way for women at Colgate
Elder: Liz Brackett
Film by: Amy Cymore

Debbie's Journey

Coming out of a shell to work with children and found Headstart program
Elder: Debbie Kliman
Film by: Cat Toner

Change and Travel

Moving to the States as a child helped prepare one woman to do travel later in life
Elder: Helen Keever
Film by: Casey Schmidt

Food, Family and Friends

"Mistake" in choosing home economics major ends up in a life in good food Elder: Lorraine Kaimal Film by: Breanna Pendelton


My Journey

A train journey to Mexico changes a lifeElder: Carol Bergen Film by: Laura McDonald

One Sweet Memory

A woman’s life history intersects with a major historical event in Hamilton, NY
Elder: Jackie Jones
Film by: Rachel Greenburg


The Best People You'll Meet

A Quacks diner waitress reflects on the people she has met
Elder: Olga North
Film by: Lauren Marks


Letting Go

A Buddhist meditation on living in the moment
Elder: Bill Elliot
Film by: Katie Leighton


The Eternal Sea of Creativity

A meaningful life through art and creativity
Elder: Arthur Rashap
Film by: Kate Gundersen


My Sons and I

Motherhood as the best job she has ever had
Elder: Frances Freeman
Film by: Katie Flynn


Salema's Group

How a passion for helping others spans the life course
Elder: Joanne Geyer
Film by: Joanna Sherman


Creating Community

How one local woman worked collaboratively to change the educational landscape of a community
Elder: Ruth Hartshorne
Film by: Jennie Snyder


The Accidental Postmaster

How a trip to the bakery changed a life
Elder: Mary Deland
Film by: Jane Eilbacher


The World Travelers

Thirteen adventures abroad shaped a life
Elder: Margaret 
Film by: Hannah Ruddock


Cora and the Farm

If home is where the heart is, then her home is on the farm
Elder: Cora Tiffany
Film by: Lexi Ross


Around the World in 80 Years

How history, travel and romance shaped the story of a couple
Elders: Hank and Sally Von Mechow
Film by: Amanda Brockman