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Delivering Media to the Classroom

In the past, when a faculty member wanted to show a video or play audio in the classroom, it required physical media — a DVD, VHS, or CD. As an alternative to toting around the physical media, Colgate uses the EnsembleVideo system to deliver video and audio over the network to the classroom.

Faculty can take advantage of this service by contacting Digital Media Services to arrange for the digitization of the physical media and storage on our media servers.

A minimum of two weeks' notice must be given prior to the date of delivery.

Live Streaming

Colgate works with a company called LiveStream to deliver live events in real time from our campus to the world via the Internet. Events that have been streamed in the past have been funneled through the Colgate Communications office and the Alumni office in order to promote them to attract the greatest possible audience.

A camera on a tripod filming a conversation between faculty members.

Live Streams are Recorded All Across Campus
To inquire about streaming your campus events live to a targeted audience, contact Digital Media Services to set up a meeting.

Media Conversion

Drop-off Service
To use our drop-off services, contact Digital Media Services to describe the scope of your project. Allow at least two weeks for the media conversion process to be completed.

Conversion services offered:
  • 35mm slides to digital images [Small-scale projects only. For large-scale scanning projects, we recommend the faculty member hire a student whom we will train and supervise.]
  • DVD and VHS to digital video for delivery through Moodle
  • VHS to DVD
  • DVD region conversions
  • DVD or CD duplication
  • LP records to digital audio 
  • Cassette audio tapes to digital audio

Print a Poster in Case-Geyer

  • The purpose must be academic (no publicity or personal applications)
  • You must contact us well in advance (2-3 days minimum)
  • Approval of your request will depend on available staff and printer resources 
  • Current projects have priority 
  • You should follow the creation instructions (for Windows/for Mac)
  • Other formats may be difficult or impossible to print
  • Faculty wishing to assign a poster project for students must contact us before the start of the semester!
  • For more information or to arrange for poster printing, send an e-mail to

More information on Academic Posters and Poster Sessions

    Sample Poster with Font Sizes and Image Quality

    Video Production

    The Digital Media Services team can partner with you to create a video that your department can use for promotional or informational purposes.

    A successful video presentation will effectively present your ideas to your target audience in a very efficient manner.
    • Planning: The first step of the process is to create a script or script outline that contains the main ideas of the production. A good script will guide the rest of the process. 

    • Production: Whether in the studio or in the field, cameras, microphones, and lighting will be used to capture the best shots to tell your story. 

    • Editing: Computer editing via Final Cut Pro is used to trim and rearrange the shots captured during production into a story that is guided by your script. In addition to video, voiceovers, music, and titles can be added to your video.
    To discuss video production options for your project, send an e-mail to Digital Media Services to set up an appointment.