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Teaching, Learning, and Technology Workshops

Workshops Currently Scheduled: None

We do not have any current plans for workshops but welcome your requests.

Faculty may also be interested in our Teaching with Technology: Brown Bag Series
 Contact us (dwheeler@colgate.edu) if you would like us to present a specific workshop on any of the topics below or something altogether different. 

Spring 2016 "Preparing to Teach" Workshops 

This short collection of workshops was designed to assist faculty members preparing to teach in the Spring 2016 semester.
Contact us (dwheeler@colgate.edu) if you would like us to present a specific workshop on any of the topics below or something altogether different. 

Workshop Calendars

Our sessions are posted on the ITS Academic Technology calendar (below) and on the Colgate Calendar (Calendar.Colgate.Edu - here). There are options in both locations to add a workshop event to your personal Google calendar. (Note: Some Safari Mac users may not be able to see this calendar)

Although registration is not required, it is highly recommended that you register except where noted otherwise (we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a workshop when we have fewer than 3 registrants). 

Workshop Details

EdTech Open Consultation

Fri Jan 15 10:00AM-12:20 PM
Case-Geyer 501

No Registration Necessary - Join the entire ITS Educational Technology team and other faculty for a few minutes or an hour in an open session dedicated to answering your questions and issues with technology for your classes. We will be prepared to address (or at least start addressing) any EdTech topic on your mind.  We will also be prepared to stimulate conversation, if necessary, by pitching some of our ideas. 

GIS Lite

Mon Jan 11 9:00AM-11:50AM
Case-Geyer 501

Data Librarian Peter Rogers will address finding tools for incorporating geospatial issues into a class where students lack knowledge of advanced mapping software such as ArcGIS Desktop.  The workshop will look at specific tools such as: Google Earth, Google Map, and ArcGIS Online as well as the types of academic assignments that can make use of these tools.

Google Apps for Collaboration & Teaching

Mon Jan 11 10:00AM-11:50AM
Case-Geyer 340

Google Apps are a part of everyday life for students and becoming increasingly common in academia and the workplace. Learn about some of the most commonly-used apps (Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and Google Circles), how they benefit collaboration, and how you can incorporate them into your courses.  

How to be a PowerPoint Jedi

Fri Jan 15 10:00AM-12:20 PM
Case-Geyer 340

Learn how to find images for your PowerPoint presentations and “treat” them to maximize your design impact. You will also learn to see the difference between a “bad” slide and a “good” slide and learn key design pitfalls to avoid. We will go into detail and offer hands-on guidance on how to create animations, use charts and graphs to treat data, and practice key design principles. 

Clicker Technology in the Classroom

Tue Jan 12 1:30PM-3:20 PM
Case-Geyer 501

Student response systems can help professors integrate active learning into their classrooms. Response systems are known by a variety of names, including: classroom, student, or personal response systems; zappers; and clickers. In this session, we'll see how clicker techniques can improve pedagogy by improving discussions and student engagement, as well as providing student assessment and quizzing. We will discuss challenges with the design of "clicker" courses, including question types that are considered 'good' or 'bad' and some common misconceptions about clickers. 

Getting Started with Moodle

Mon Jan 11 1:30PM-3:20PM
Tue Jan 12 10:00AM-11:50AM
Case-Geyer 501

The Moodle learning management system provides a standard set of features for managing learning content and facilitating communication in a course website. Planning for and effectively implementing Moodle technology can enhance access and convenience within a course for faculty members and students alike. This session will provide participants with an introduction to the Moodle learning environment, and explore features to facilitate course set-up. This is an ideal opportunity for those new to Moodle or for those looking to refresh aspects of a previous course site.

We will include time for questions and discussion, and conclude with an optional open session for consultation with instructional technologists. 

Essential topics will last about 90 minutes and will include:

  • Basic course layout and settings
  • Managing course documents
  • Communicating with students
  • Discussion forums
  • Collecting assignments
  • Managing enrollments

Moodle: Getting Under the Hood

Thu Jan 14 1:30-3:20 PM

Case-Geyer 501

In addition to offering convenient access to course materials, Moodle has additional functionality for managing assignments, conducting assessments and integrating digital media content within your course. Using a “lightning round” approach, this session will offer brief introductions to these enhanced Moodle features, followed by discussion of how they might be used for your course. There will also be an opportunity at the close of the session for participants to consult with instructional technologists about ways to support use of specific features in their courses.

Feel free to attend all or part of this session. We will provide about an hour of presentation on selected topics, which will include:

  • Blind grading
  • Peer review  
  • Collecting student assignments
  • Returning “marked-up” assignments
  • Quizzing
  • Grade rubrics
  • Specialized “blocks”
  • Media content in Moodle

Moodle: Quizzes & Questionnaires 

Thu Jan 14 10:00AM-11:50AM

Case-Geyer 501

An introduction to the Quiz and Questionnaire capabilities of Moodle. Learn how to survey or test your students with standard Moodle tools, including the a review of the basic concepts (important!), an overview of some best practices, and a demonstration of some tips and tricks. Learn how to import questions from publishers or other sources. 

Moodle Open Consultation

Fri Jan 15 1:30PM-3:50PM
Case-Geyer 501

No Registration Necessary - Bring your questions, puzzles, and interest to an open Moodle session. We'll have some topics in mind and ready to present, but hope to focus on your interests - from blind grading to course layout, assignment collection to effectively using a discussion forum ... whatever.

If you know now what you would like us to address please let us know in the registration form; otherwise just show up.

Since this is an open session you should feel free to stop by at any point in the workshop for whatever time it takes to answer your questions. 

Using the Moodle Gradebook

Wed Jan 13 1:30PM-3:20PM
Case-Geyer 501

Grading practices and schemas can vary from course to course and from faculty member to faculty member. Having an understanding of the technologies that can assist with the computing and managing of grades can make the work of assessment easier at times. This session is designed to provide faculty members with an introduction to the functionality of Grades feature in Moodle.

Most of the content will be addressed in an hour of workshop, leaving ample time for individual faculty members to discuss their grading approach and address questions about how the Moodle gradebook feature (or other technology) can support what they want to achieve.

Gradebook presentation topics:

  • Grade visibility - who can see grades, and when
  • Grade configuration
  • The grading process
  • Import/export options - working with grades outside Moodle
Although registration is not required, it is highly recommended (we may reschedule or cancel a workshop when we have only fewer than 3 registrants). 

You should generally feel free to attend any of these workshops at the last minute (we almost always have the space and flexibility to add you and a few friends), but since we sometimes reschedule sessions it is a good idea to check the Colgate Calendar for updates or contact us before you "drop in."  

Workshop descriptions and schedule details are below. Workshop information will also be posted on the Colgate Calendar

For some of our workshops we have created resource materials for preview (before the session) and review (after the session). Links to available workshop resources can be found here.

Additional Information

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If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Dan Wheeler, ext 7742.