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Funding Sources

The Dean of the College division provides multiple sources of funding for personal needs, student-run events and campus programs.

Administrative Deans

Administrative Deans may be able to assist students when personal challenges include sudden, temporary, and/or unexpected financial emergencies or help students navigate changing financial circumstances by working closely with colleagues in financial aid or elsewhere on campus. You can make an appointment with your dean directly through AdviseStream or call 315-228-7368. 

Campus Programs

For funding from campus program departments listed below, ordinarily these departments do not directly sponsor student-initiated programs. On occasion, the campus program department might approach a student organization, partner with a student group, and suggest co-sponsorship in line with the mission of the department and that year’s programming goals. Campus program departments may also have an endowment that provides direct support to students. In all cases, students should not treat these campus program departments as another source of funding, similar to the Budget Allocation Committee (BAC). Please talk with the department for clarification.

The Broad Street Association is a student organization comprised of representatives from Colgate's residential Broad Street and apartment communities. Students residing in any of the Broad Street, College Street apartments, or the townhouse communities listed below may request funding for community-building programming. Please see criteria and proposal method at Broad Street Association

The ALANA Cultural Center has funds available that related to its mission of supporting students of color and their cultural identities and histories. Please contact

The Shaw Wellness Institute has funds available for campus partnerships that will allow students to lead healthy, balanced and purposeful lives. Please contact

The Max A. Shacknai Center for Outreach Volunteerism and Education (COVE) has funds available for student-initiated projects focused on affecting lasting social change. Please contact

The Office of the Chaplains has funds for supporting mission trips and other areas of student religious life. Please contact

Center for Leadership and Student Involvement

The Center for Leadership and Student Involvement (CLSI) offers a limited number of opportunities for personal growth and leadership development through attendance at a conference. In addition, CLSI offers funding for team student group development activities. Please contact clsi@colgate.edufor more information. 

Colgate Activities Board (CAB) also works in collaboration with student organizations on late night, special event, and development of traditions. Please contact

The Budget Allocation Committee (BAC) authorizes funding for independent student organizations. See Get Involved for more information about student organizations and the eligibility of funding or contact for specific questions. 

Office of the Dean of the College

Each year, the Dean of the College sponsors a limited number of supplemental student and academic programs and events that promote leadership development, community-building,and diversity and inclusion initiatives. This sponsorship ordinarily requires the event, initiative, or program to be offered campus-wide and not eligible for other funding options. Submissions may be made by students, staff, or faculty on behalf of an individual or group. Please contact the Office of the Dean of the College at for more information. 

Those requesting funding will need to complete the request for funding template.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides free appointments and low cost options for many services. There are a limited medical emergency loans available to students based on consultation. Please contact Student Health Services to make an appointment at 315-228-7750.