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Leaves of Absence

Students at Colgate may select to take a Personal Leave of Absence, apply for an Academic Leave or Absence, or request a Medical Leave of Absence.

All Leaves of Absence have a specific purpose and each is administrated differently. Students should be in consultation with their administrative dean if they are considering or in need of any of the three.

Personal Leaves of Absence are generally taken when a student wants to explore an interest outside of Colgate University. In the past, students have worked on political campaigns, pursued an internship or other work opportunities, or traveled. Students approved for personal leaves pay a $300 nonrefundable leave deposit. The deposit will be applied to the students's account in the semester of return to Colgate. If a student does not return to Colgate, the deposit is forfeited.

Academic Leaves of Absence require an application to be filed with the Office of Off-Campus Study. Applications are due in the third week of February, annually and students are expected to project the term of their leave. In order to ensure course credit will properly transfer back to Colgate, the application for an academic leave is an important process that should not be left to the last minute.

A Medical Leave of Absence is typically requested when a student's physical or mental health places them at risk of successfully completing a semester. In addition, of a student's need for care exceeds that of what Colgate can provide, a medical leave is often the wisest course of action.

More specific information about Medical Leaves of Absence is available on page 119 of the Student Handbook. As well, more information about either Personal or Academic Leaves is also available in the Student Handbook on page 86.