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Applying for Readmission

Aside from personal and academic leaves of absence, students may find themselves separated from Colgate for a period of a semester or more. In such cases which include academic dismissal, medical leave of absence, or disciplinary suspension, the process for returning to Colgate is specific to the nature of the original separation.

Academic Dismissal

Students whose academic performance falls below university standards for academic progress are academically dismissed for a period of at least one year. Students can appeal and academic dismissal and if the appeal is affirmed, students can return to Colgate on Academic Warning. However, if the appeal is denied or if a student chooses not to appeal, the student will need to apply for readmission following the period of dismissal. Details regarding the reapplication process are found in the Student Handbook on page 99. Students who are dismissed can opt for one of two options while they are out on dismissal. One option is to work full-time for a period of six months. The second option is to take two courses with a grade earned of "B" or higher. Courses taken must be pre-approved by the Registrar's Office. The goal of both options is to ensure that students have the capacity to succeed in structured environments. Students who have been dismissed should consult with their administrative dean regarding their plans in order to have the plan approved.

Medical Leave of Absence

Students who are experience health-related issues that are affecting their ability to complete their academic responsibilities may request to be placed on a Medical Leave of Absence. A decision to request a Medical Leave should be made in concert with a health-care professional, the student's administrative dean, and the student's family. Medical Leaves of Absence are projected for a year and students should be aware of the reapplication process following a Medical Leave. Specifically, a student should be out for one full semester (not counting the term in which the leave was granted) before the student may apply for readmission. Students should refer to the Student Handbook for detailed information on the readmission process which is found on page 119. Students will need to write a readmission letter and have supporting documentation from their health-care professional. In addition to the written materials, students are expected to have an interview with their administrative dean and a University health-care professional. The student's administrative dean makes the final decision regarding a readmission application.

Disciplinary Suspension

Students who appear before the University Student Conduct Board face the possibility of suspension as a sanction for their alleged behavior(s). If a student accepts responsibility or is found responsible, the University Student Conduct Board can levy suspension as a sanction. Students who are suspended sometimes have additional expectations tied to the suspension, such as mandated treatment for substance use. When a student wishes to return following their suspension, they will need to provide documentation that they have met the expectations set in the sanction. Students who have been suspended should plan to be on contact with their administrative dean, specifically if the student chooses to take classes at another college or university. It should be noted that any courses that a student takes and would like to transfer to Colgate should be pre-approved by the Registrar's Office.