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Teaching Resources

Our programs and policies support innovative and meaningful learning experiences.
Rebecca Ammerman teaches a course in the classics.

Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research

The Center for Learning, Teaching and Research is dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for faculty and students. It is a source of information and training for faculty interested in developing their teaching and research skills.

Faculty Development Council

The Faculty Development Council (FDC) oversees the allocation of funding to support course development, pedagogical innovation, and advising.

Class Absence Guidelines

Guidelines and procedures related to students' class attendance, including the attendance philosophy regarding student participation in athletics.

Liberal Arts Core Incentives Program

The incentives program was created to address the understanding that teaching a course in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum requires an unusually large time commitment and level of energy.

Global Engagements

Faculty can learn more about getting their courses approved for the Global Engagements designation.

Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum

A voluntary program in which faculty may offer a supplemental course component focusing on foreign language skills related to the primary course materials.

Linked Courses Policy

Occasionally faculty members in two different departments may wish to link their courses, such that each one teaches a class but the same students enroll in both courses.

Online Syllabi Repository

Faculty can voluntarily post their course syllabi using Digital Commons.

Funding for Faculty-Student Engagement

The Dean of Faculty and the Dean of the College provide financial support for engaging with students outside of the classroom.