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Editorial Style and Usage Guide

This guide is the established editorial style for e-mail announcements, the Colgate Scene, colgate.edu pages and stories, brochures, newsletters, letters, and more.

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NOTE: All entries, in bold type, indicate lower case or capitalization as appropriate

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Quad, Quadrangle. Both are acceptable references. Always capitalize when referring to the landmark on campus, which is often referred to as the Academic Quad.

quantities. In nontechnical text, physical quantities are expressed according to the rules in

numbers [five square meters, 50 feet, 500 volts, eight-square-foot].

          Quantities consisting of whole numbers and fractions should be expressed in figures [8 1/2 x 11–inch paper].
          If an abbreviation is used for the unit of measure, use figures [2 hrs., 65 mph, 5 rpm, 10 mi.].

quotations and quotation marks. See punctuation section.