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Torchlight Ceremony

The impressive torchlight ceremony is one of Colgate's oldest and most memorable traditions.
Although the ceremony is very beautiful, it also carries some risk. For that reason, students on crutches, in high heels, or who are unable to walk safely down the hill will be asked to join the class at the field. In addition, do not swing or wave the torches, stay a reasonable distance away from others, and do not rush down the hill.

Seniors are asked to assemble in the chapel by 8:00 p.m. Seniors traditionally wear their academic gown but may also wear business casual attire. Once the bell tolls 13 times, seniors will be directed to start walking and a lit torch will be handed to you as you walk down the hill. Traffic on Alumni Road will be halted until all students have crossed. The class continues down the hill and along College Street to Whitnall Field.

Students will then be directed to hand over the torch for disposal and walk towards the tents, where pizza and water will be available.