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Welcome to Adopt A Hall!

Adopt A Hall is an interactive program between Campus Safety officers and students designed to promote a greater understanding of each other.
The program begins with each residential unit having one or more officers assigned to spend extra time in their area to get to know the residents and staff residing there. The main objective of the program is to make it easier for all community members to approach each other with any questions or concerns they may have while continuing to expand upon the out-of-classroom learning experiences.

Each year, the Campus Safety Department Officers "adopt" a hall. We do various activities with our halls, such as Operation ID, Fatal Vision, BBQ's, Pizza Nights, road trips, etc. This year will be no different and our plans are to involve even MORE departments in our programs.

We will be offering additional educational programs, such as First Aid, CPR, Outdoor Activities, Tailgate Parties, ALANA Cultural Center events, etc.

We always welcome additional suggestions from you, as well!

Each month, we will be having different events/programs and they will be posted on our site so you can see the scheduled events. We will have sign-up sheets and if we need to, we will hold additional events so that all that want to be involved can be!

You will be meeting your Adopt A Hall Officer(s) within the first week of your semester. Feel free to contact our department with questions, concerns, and suggestions, as well. Our phone number is 315-228-7333.

The Campus Safety Department wishes all the very best to you for a fantastic year!