Steven Ludeke - Psychology Faculty - Colgate University

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BA, Carleton College, 2003; MA (2011), PhD (2013), University of Minnesota

Teaching Experience

Graduate student instructor, University of Minnesota, 2010-2013


Social and political attitudes, religiousness, personality, behavior genetics


Personality, individual differences


Ludeke, S. G., Johnson, W., & Bouchard Jr., T. J. (2013). “Obedience to traditional authority:” A heritable factor underlying authoritarianism, conservatism and religiousness. Personality and Individual Differences, 55, 375-380.

Ludeke, S. G., Johnson, W., McGue, M., & Iacono, W. (2013). Genetic amplification and the individualization of the parent-child relationship across adolescence. Psychological Medicine, 43(2), 413-422.

Ludeke, S. G., & Krueger, R. F. (2013). Authoritarianism as a personality trait: Evidence from a longitudinal behavior genetic study. Personality and Individual Differences, 55, 480-484.

Ludeke, S. G., Weisberg, Y. J., & DeYoung, C. G. (2013). Idiographically desirable responding: Individual differences in perceived trait desirability predict overclaiming. European Journal of Personality, 27, 580-592.

Reifen Tagar, M., Federico, C. M., Lyons, K., Ludeke, S. G., & Koenig, M. (in press). Heralding the authoritarian: Early expressions of selective trust in authorities. Psychological Science.

Ludeke, S. G., Reifen Tagar, M., & DeYoung, C. G. (in press). Not as different as we wish we were: Ideologically-consistent trait desirability leads to exaggerated association between personality and political ideology. Political Psychology.

Ludeke, S. G., & DeYoung, C. G. (in press). Differences in negativity bias probably underlie variation in attitudes toward change generally, not political ideology specifically. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. (commentary)


  • 2013 Wiley Prize for best predoctoral paper, European Journal of Personality
  • Graduate School Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2007-2009
  • Graduate Research Fellowship Program, University of Minnesota, 2008
  • Magna Cum Laude, Carleton College, 2003