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Michael O'Hara

Michael O'Hara

Assistant Professor of Economics
Economics, 220 Persson Hall
p 315-228-7523


MA (2005), PhD (Economics - 2007): Binghamton University;
MA (Irish Studies): New College of California, 2001

Teaching Experience

  • Colgate University 2007 - 2014: Applied econometrics, Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Seminar in Environmental and Resource Economics, Introduction to Economics
  • Instructor, Binghamton University, 2004-2006
  • Principles of Microeconomics, Economics of Growth and Sustainability


Environmental and natural resource economics, applied parametric and nonparametric econometrics


Environmental, natural resource, and energy economics, applied parametric and nonparametric econometrics, discrete choice modeling and non-market valuation, land use, economic geography, GIS

Partner in Project TIER: Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research


Working paper versions of these and other papers available on my SSRN page
  • O’Hara, M. (2014) “Zombies as an Invasive Species: A Resource Economics Perspective on the Zombie Apocalypse” In G. Whitman and J. Dow (Ed.), Economics of the Undead (pp. 163-9). Washington, DC: Rowman & Little- field.


Directed Colgate London Economic Study Group, Fall 2009

Professional Experience

Worked with environmental groups in the Pacific Northwest in 2001 on local and regional issues.