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Jacob Klein

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy, 112 Hascall Hall
p 315-228-6031


PhD, Cornell University


Ancient (esp. Hellenistic) philosophy, metaethics, ethics


Nature and Reason in Stoic Ethics (advised by Terence Irwin)


  • "The Stoic Argument from oikeiôsis,forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 50 (2016), 143-200.
  • "Making Sense of Stoic Indifferents," Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 49 (2015), 227-81.
  • "Of Archery and Virtue: Ancient and Modern Conceptions of Value," Philosophers' Imprint Vol. 14, No. 19, June 2014
  • "Stoic Eudaimonism and the Natural Law Tradition," in Reason, Religion and Natural Law: Plato to Spinoza, ed. Jonathan Jacobs (Oxford University Press, 2012)
  • "The Stoics," in Key Ethical Thinkers, ed. Tom Angier (Bloomsbury, 2012)


  • Review of Brad Inwood, Ethics after Aristotle (Harvard, 2014), Phoenix (forthcoming)
  • Review of René Brouwer, The Stoic Sage: The Early Stoics on Wisdom, Sagehood and Socrates (Cambridge 2014), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2015.04.13
  • Review of A. Long (ed.), Plato and the Stoics (Cambridge, 2013), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2014.09.34
  • Review of Tony Burns, Aristotle and Natural Law (Continuum, 2011), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2012.06.02
  • Review of Henry Dyson, Prolepsis and Ennoia in the Early Stoa (Walter de Gruyter, 2009), Journal of the History of Philosophy, January, 2011


  • Fulbright Award to Germany, 2012-13
  • Charlotte Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship, 2008-09
  • Norman Malcolm Fellowship (Cornell, King's College London), 2006-07