G. Todd Springer

Colgate Directory

Physics faculty member G. Todd Springer


BA, Physics, Carleton College, 2002
PhD, Physics, University of Minnesoa, Twin Cities, 2009

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow (Nuclear Theory), McGill University, (2009-2011)
Postdoctoral Researcher (Nuclear Theory), University of Illinois at Chicago (2011-2013)

Teaching Experience

Physics 111/112 - Fundamentals of Physics I and II (algebra based introductory courses for non-majors)
Physics 131 - Atoms and Waves (introductory modern physics course for majors)
Physics 201/202/203/204 - Math Methods for Physicists (complex numbers, Fourier analysis, vector calculus)
Physics 456 - General Relativity and Cosmology


High energy nuclear and particle physics, matter at extreme temperatures and densities, heavy ion collisions and quark-gluon plasma, hydrodynamics, physics of the early universe.


Conserved Charge Susceptibilities in a Chemically Frozen Hadron Gas.  Under review, preprint available arXiv:1508.02409 (2015), (with J. Ang'ong'a - student author)

Hydrodynamics of charge fluctuations and balance function.  Phys Rev. C 89, 064901 (2014),  (with B. Ling and M. Stephanov)

Hydrodynamic fluctuations and two point correlations. Nuclear Physics. A 904-905, 1027c-1030c (2013). Proceedings of the XXIII International Conference on Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, (with M. Stephanov).

 Bulk spectral functions in single and multi-scalar gravity duals Phys Rev. D 82, 126011 (2010), (with C. Gale and S. Jeon)

Shear spectral sum rule in a non-conformal gravity dual Phys Rev. D 82, 106005 (2010), (with C. Gale, S. Jeon and S.H. Lee)

 Potentials for soft wall AdS/QCD Phys. Rev. D 81, 086009 (2010) (with J. I. Kapusta)

Second order hydrodynamics for a special class of gravity duals Phys. Rev. D 79, 086003 (2009)

Sound mode hydrodynamics from bulk scalar fields Phys. Rev. D 79, 046003 (2009)

Shear transport coefficients from gauge/gravity correspondence Phys. Rev. D 78, 066017 (2008) (with J. I. Kapusta)

Cosmological black hole formation due to QCD and electroweak phase transitions arXiv:0706.1111 [astro-ph] (2007) (with J. I. Kapusta)