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Carrie Woods in climbing gear

Carrie Woods

Visiting Assistant Professor in Biology
Biology, 224 Ho Science Center
p 315-228-7567
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BS (2002), MS (2008), University of Guelph; PhD, Clemson University, 2013

Teaching Experience

Graduate teaching assistant, Clemson University (five years); graduate teaching assistant, University of Guelph (two years)

Professional Experience

  • Undergraduate student mentor at Clemson University 2009, 2010
  • Mentor in the REU program at La Selva Biological Research Station, Costa Rica, 2012
  • Chair of Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference annual meeting committee, 2012
  • Membership chair (2011) and Secretary (2012) of the Graduate Honor Society Alpha Epsilon Lambda


Plant physiology, biology of plants, plant ecophysiology, community ecology


Plant community ecology, plant ecophysiology, plant physiology, community assembly, theoretical ecology


  • Woods, C.L. and S. J. DeWalt. 2013. The conservation value of secondary forests for vascular epiphytes in central Panama. Biotropica 45(1):119-127.
  • Woods, C.L., S. L. Hunt, D. M. Morris and Andrew M. Gordon. 2012. Epiphytes influence the transformation of nitrogen in coniferous forest canopies. Boreal Environment Research 17(6):411-424.
  • Cardelús, C., M. Mack, C.L. Woods, J. DeMarco and K. K. Treseder. 2009. The influence of tree species on canopy soil nutrient status in a tropical lowland wet forest in Costa Rica. Plant and Soil 318:47-61.
  • Woods, C.L. 2013. Determining the factors that influence the distribution and community structure of vascular epiphytes at multiple scales. Doctoral dissertation. Clemson University, Clemson, SC.
  • Woods, C.L. 2008. Exploring the relationship between canopy microorganisms and nitrogen transformations in an Ontario black spruce plantation. Master’s thesis. University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.


  • Academic Excellence for Young Women in Ecology, Ecological Society of America 2013
  • Best Oral Presentation, Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference 2012
  • Nomination for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Clemson University 2012
  • Professional Enrichment Grant, Clemson University 2011
  • BIOSCI Graduate Student Association travel award, Clemson University 2010
  • Professional Enrichment Grant, Clemson University 2009
  • Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference travel award 2009
  • Best Poster Presentation Award, University of Toronto Forestry Conference 2007
  • Graduate Student Association Volunteer Award, University of Guelph 2007
  • Registrar’s Award for Graduate Students, University of Guelph 2007