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What Students Can Do

Get involved with sustainability at Colgate by joining one of the many sustainability-related student organizations, or getting involved with the Office of Sustainability.

Sustainability News

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What You Can Do

Check out these green tips and our Green Living program to help create sustainable habits! Also, check out some of these great resources:

Annual Events

The Office of Sustainability hosts several key events annually. We are always looking for passionate and talented students to join Colgate's sustainability effort. Here are a few events you don't want to miss:
Electronic waste drop-off at RecycleMania
RecycleMania is an annual recycling competition involving hundreds of colleges and universities. During eight weeks each spring (February–March), Colgate joins the effort to reduce waste, increase recycling, and raise awareness of conservation issues across campus.

Click here to learn more about RecycleMania and Colgate's recycling and waste management program. Be sure to do your part to reduce waste and recycle!
The Green Summit
Colgate's longest-running annual event that takes place each April. The Summit is a collaborative think tank that brings the Colgate community together to exchange ideas and plans of action for making our campus more sustainable.
Campus Conservation Nationals
Each February, Colgate students in first- and second-year dorms compete to see who can reduce the most energy and water use. The competition lasts three weeks and the results are recorded in real time using Colgate's Building Dashboard. We also take it a step further and compete with several peer institutions including Hamilton, Hobart and William Smith, Skidmore, St. Lawrence, and Union. Be sure to get involved and do your part to conserve energy and water!
13 Days of Green
Each April, student leaders come together to plan a series of sustainability programs that raise awareness and change behavior. Past programs have included guest speakers, trash-fashion shows, documentaries, panel discussions, award ceremonies, tree plantings, and many others. Have any ideas for next year's 13 Days of Green? Let us know!
Interested in planning your own event? Make the events you host green events by following the guidelines and tips for eliminating bottled water, and minimizing waste at your events.

Connect with Alumni

Looking for a career in sustainability after Colgate? Want to connect with someone who is already in the field? Try connecting with a sustainability-minded alumnus! Join the Colgate Sustainability Group on LinkedIn to start networking today.

Get Involved

At Colgate, we have a number of clubs and organizations focused on sustainability. Below are a few that you can check out. Also, feel free to visit our Get Involved at Colgate Page and while you're at it, signup for our monthly Sustainability Newsletter to stay updated on Colgate's Sustainability.
Beekeeping Club
The beekeeping club is responsible for the maintenance of the hives at the Colgate Community Garden. The club is also be responsible for harvesting the honey. READ MORE
Green Thumbs and the Community Garden
We manage and promote the Colgate Community Garden in order to provide local, student-produced, organic produce to the student community. READ MORE
Students for Environmental Action (S.E.A.)
We educate and energize students about recycling, waste reduction, energy consumption reduction, and greater community issues. READ MORE
Green Ambassadors
The Green Ambassador program was created as a means to introduce first year students into the sustainability culture at Colgate.
Other sustainability-related oganizations
At Colgate, there are also a number of sustainability-related organizations to get involved with, such as Habitat for Humanity, Global Health Initiative and Vegetarian Club


The Office of Sustainability offers several internship positions each year. In the past, they have included internships for Green Raiders, composting, Green Bikes, the Community Garden, food and dining, and communication. Check availability or apply for these positions on the portal.

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