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School Budgets

We are pleased to contribute to and foster community discussions concerning budget challenges facing the public school districts in Hamilton, Morrisville-Eaton, and throughout the central New York region.
Students at Hamilton Central School district
To advance informed conversation about local school districts, we are collecting, organizing, and sharing published reports, documents, and data related to issues of school district consolidation relevant to upstate New York.

Resources are being collected to provide information and evidence addressing the full spectrum of issues and perspectives on issues relevant to decisions regarding school district consolidation in the region, including process, costs and benefits, and predicted as well as realized outcomes.

We invite ideas and suggestions about how to augment and deepen these resources. Please contact Julie Dudrick at
"School Size, School Climate, and Student Performance"
Kathleen Cotton, 1996
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Rural School Consolidation Report
National Rural Education Association, 2005
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"Consolidation of Schools and Districts: What the Research Says and What It Means"
Craig Howley, Jerry Johnson, and Jennifer Petrie, 2011
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Guide to the Reorganization of School Districts in New York State
Educational Management Services of the New York State Education Department
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What Does a School Mean to a Community? Assessing the Social and Economic Benefits of Schools to Rural Villages in New York
Thomas Lyson, 2002
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School District Consolidation: The Benefits and Costs
William D. Duncombe and John M. Yinger, The School Administrator, 2010, Vol. 67(5).
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School District Mergers: What One District Learned
Kathleen Kingston, AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice, 2009, Vol. 6(2).
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Is Bigger Better? A Comparison of Rural School Districts.
Wenfan Yan, Center for Rural Pennsylvania, 2006.
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The Hobbit Effect: Why Small Works in Public Schools
Lorna Jimerson, Rural School and Community Trust, 2006.
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School District Consolidation
Vermont Legislative Research Shop, The University of Vermont, 2007.
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Imagining Rural Life: Schooling as a Sense of Place
Mary Bushnell, Journal of Research in Rural Education, 1999, Vo1. 15(2).
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Consolidating Rural School Districts: Potential Savings and Effects on Student Achievement
Charles Jacques, B. Wade Brorsen, and Francisca G. C. Richter, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 2000, Vol. 32(3)
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School Size: A Review of The Literature
Amy Overbay, E&R Report No. 03.03, 2003.
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Organizational Options for School Districts
Onondaga Cortland Madison BOCES
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