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Max A. Shacknai COVE Grant-Writing Course

The Max A. Shacknai COVE, Upstate Institute, Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations Office and Office of Career Services are offering a hands-on series of workshops designed to help you understand the often-mysterious process of grant writing.

Goals and Structure

Successful nonprofits have one thing in common: talented people with the skills to secure funding. In this course, you will learn how to search for and identify potential funding sources, plan a program and develop a budget, and prepare a customized proposal with a local community-based organization.

The course is a 12-week, non-credit bearing class.


  • Earn a certificate in grant-writing skills (great for potential employers).
  • Network with other Colgate students, community-based organizations, and professionals who work in the nonprofit field.
  • Share in the expertise of members of the Colgate and Hamilton communities.
  • Gain valuable skills and help a community organization at the same time.

Time Commitment

This is a 12-week class, meeting weekly for an hour and fifteen minutes through most of the spring semester (January through April), with a break for the mid-term recess.

Who Should Apply?

Juniors and seniors will be given priority in the application process, but sophomores are also encouraged to apply.


Download the application, complete it, and then return it by January 6, 2014 to Krista Saleet at the COVE (

Student Experiences

“I learned a lot about the entire grant process. I now have a development internship this summer, so I will hopefully use what I Iearned in this class immediately.”

“I learned how a nonprofit operates in an incredibly useful sense, and also the art and science of formulating an idea, having a plan, and articulating that idea with all the intricacies of a grant proposal.”

“Previously, I knew very little about grants. Now with this new knowledge, I am actually writing grants for my local community center and library.”