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Being a part of a very tight-knit community, we realize how important volunteerism and community service is both locally and globally. One of the best ways for you to contextualize what you learn in the classroom is to carry it with you into community involvement.

Colgate students volunteer at the Hamilton Central School

Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education (COVE)

The COVE is the hub for volunteerism on our campus. The professionally staffed center serves as the umbrella organization for myriad student-run groups. The center will provide you with funding, resources, support, and developmental opportunities as you volunteer your time and energy to a number of different causes.

The Upstate Institute

The Upstate Institute provides connections between you and the regional community to create a reciprocal transfer of knowledge between the community and the university. Activities include research on the upstate New York region, community-based research, skill development, capacity building, and dialogue on the upstate region.

Upcoming Community Service and Volunteer Events

This schedule of events is pulled from the Colgate campus calendar. During school breaks, there may be no events scheduled. See the campus calendar for full event listings.

Common Good Professional Network

The Common Good Network connects students and alumni in non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other social good enterprises. LEARN MORE