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On-Demand Programs

You can request any of the below programs by contacting director of the Shaw Wellness Institute, Thad Mantaro, two weeks (and a list of 12-15 committed attendees required) in advance at tmantaro@colgate.edu, or 228-6076.

The Body Project Workshop

Attend an hour-long session that addresses issues of body image and how to combat the thin-ideal in everyday life. This workshop is open to all students on campus.

Jeopardy​ Throw Down

Join the Shaw Wellness Institute for a fun and engaging Jeopardy-style program on health topics, tobacco, or sexual health-3 different programs! The institute will provide refreshments and prizes; all you need to do is bring together two teams of competing members.

Sexual Health Double Dare

A fun, engaging and informative program about sexual health put on by Colgate's Peer Health Educators.  Dare your friends to answer questions and complete physical challenges related to sexual health topics.

On top of your game

Join the Wellness Institute for the low-down on how to stay healthy and avoid the cold/flu. This short workshop features great information and tips for how to be at your best!

Tea Tuesdays

Take your mind off your work and de-stress with a craft, board game, other fun activities, hot chocolate, and tea, available on demand in the center!

Hangover 101

Some people know that awkward feeling the day after going out. Yep, it’s a hangover that follows them through the day. This workshop provides helpful  information to prevent that from happening again.

U Matter

Effective coping strategies through guided discussion, interactive exercises, and one's own life experiences.

Food is the Best Medicine

An interactive presentation that highlights the nutritional benefits of foods in a game-like atmosphere. Students can test their knowledge of herbs, spices, grains, fruits, vegetables and more while engaging all of the senses. Students will learn practical ways of incorporating these nutritional powerhouses into their diet and may try something brand new!

Sleep Rules

Tips and tricks to get your best sleep ever!

Custom Programs

Email the director, Thad Mantaro (tmantaro@colgate.edu), for custom programs to help balance your life. Programs topics can include ways to relieve stress, get more sleep, avoid over-commitment, reduce technology overload, and stay healthy and avoiding colds/flu. Or ask about another topic of interest like managing anxiety, working with depression, or eating right-each customized for your group/team and featuring a staff member associated with the Shaw Wellness Institute.