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Co-sponsoring events

The Shaw Wellness Institute seeks to collaborate with various students and student groups to provide programming that supports the mission of the institute.
Active Minds flag display on the quad raises awareness of the number of college students who take their lives each year.

Funding Guidelines

We ask that those seeking to co-sponsor events stop by to pick up an application form. You may pick up the form in the Shaw Wellness Institute, located in the center of the 113 Broad St. Complex. In order to discuss details before submitting the application, please contact Thad Mantaro. The Shaw Wellness Institute will only review completed requests that embody our mission and that are submitted no less than two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

In general, funding by the Shaw Wellness Institute is approximately $100-250 per event, for about one event per organization per semester. We seek to support a wide variety of programs, however funding requests for programs that are similar to previously funded ones may not be approved. All programs receiving Shaw Wellness Institute funding are required to publicize the co-sponsorship, and collect and submit evaluation data.