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Real World Series


Real World Series

The Real World Series provides support to Colgate seniors throughout their entire senior year. With a variety of opportunities to participate in discussions and workshops about life-after-Colgate-skills, this career program offers seniors direct access to alumni while preparing students for their next steps.

Sample programs include:

  • Etiquette dinner learn proper etiquette for when you have an interview conducted over a meal
  • $tart $mart Wage Gap & Salary Negotiation Workshop
  • Managing Personal Finances budgeting, taxes, savings vs checking, credit, etc.
  • Apartment Hunting Workshop presented by a real estate agent, learn general search information along with some details on New York City
  • OCRAP: Optimizing Career Resilience and Persistence for those students still unsure of their path come spring semester

For more information, contact Chelsea Lehmann, Assistant Director for Alumni Engagement.