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Summer Funding Policies and Procedures

Learn more about funding eligibility and the process through which funding is awarded.
Below you will find information regarding eligibility to apply for summer funding, and policies and procedures around the process.  Please also refer to the Summer Funding Sources page to learn more about the different available funds and their donors, or to the Summer Funding Application Process site to better understand the process through which to apply.

Student Eligibility

  • Only students who have completed all components of the Summer Funding Application before the deadline will be eligible to be considered for funding. 
  • Applications include: Application form, and naviGATE application (including Essay Questions, Budget Proposal, and Resume)
  • Applicants must have completed at least one semester at Colgate, and intend to enroll in at least one remaining semester at Colgate. Students who are graduating December 2014 – May 2017 are eligible to apply for funding during the 2014 application cycle. Funding is not available for May 2014 graduates.
  • Student resumes must be certified by Career Services during the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • If an applicant seeks funding for an internship outside of his/her home country, it is the student’s responsibility to secure proper work documentation and visas to pursue the opportunity prior to the start date listed on the Summer Funding Application.

Funding Eligibility

  • Funding is available to help cover unpaid and underpaid experiential education opportunities: internship, research (including field school), volunteer work, and independent projects.
  • Maximum grant amounts are: $3,500 (domestic) or $5,000 (international) for an 8-week or shorter experience; and $4,500 (domestic) or $6,000 (international) for an experience that exceeds 8 weeks.  
  • Funding is not available to pay for program fees associated with internships or academic experiences.  However, students may apply for funds to help cover living and travel costs associated with an opportunity secured through an external provider.  In this case, students would need to itemize and separate such expenses from the overall program fee.
  • International internships are subject to additional review to evaluate risk and to ensure the student’s safety and preparedness.  All applicants considering international internships are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with Off-Campus Study (101 Lathrop Hall, 315-228-7216) to discuss the eligibility of the proposed experience.  Career Services and the University will not support travel to countries subject to a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory or Warning.  Colgate reserves the preference not to fund opportunities in locations under duress or instability.

Internship Confirmation

Students may apply for summer funding before they receive or accept an offer for a summer experience.  If an applicant does NOT have a confirmed opportunity at the time of application, he/she should complete the application based on a specific position, and outline explicit internship objectives for engaging in that particular opportunity.  The Summer Funding Committee will evaluate applications based on initial proposals.

If an applicant is offered and accepts an internship other than that proposed in his/her application:
  • The student must resubmit his/her proposal to demonstrate how the new internship is comparable in value and its ability to satisfy the projected goals of the original experience.
  • Students should consult with Shauna Hirshfield in Career Services (, 315-228-7380) immediately when an employer makes an offer and before the student accepts it.
  • Career Services reserves the right to retract funding offers if the final internship does not accomplish similar goals to those outlined on the original proposal.
Students will automatically forfeit funding if they secure an internship by rescinding their acceptance of another offer.