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Summer Funding Recipient Information

I've been awarded Summer Funding! What are my next steps?
The Summer Funding requirements for grantees are outlined below. Please note: you must comply with each requirement to receive your funding award. Wait listed students​ should complete these steps, even when final decisions on their grant are pending. 

Step One

March 25 - April 15

I. Meet with an advisor in career services
All Summer Funding recipients who have yet to accept an opportunity must complete a required advisor appointment by Friday, April 8. Call (315-228-7380) or stop by (Spear House) our front desk to schedule.  Students who have received an offer they will accept are exempt from this specific requirement.
II. Attend a budgeting workshop
Attend one of these sessions to learn about the budget proposal you will be required to submit:
  • Monday, 3/28, 4:30pm @ 108 Persson
  • Wednesday, 3/30, 12:30pm @ Coop Conference Room
  • Friday, 4/1, 2:30pm @ 108 Persson
  • Wednesday, 4/6, 4:30pm @ 109 Persson 
  • Thursday, 4/7, 11:30am @ Ho 101
We will offer a WEBINAR budget workshop if (and only if) you're studying off campus:
Tuesday, 3/29 at 9am EST. Email to register.
III. Participate in a summer funding orientation session
Attend one of these sessions to learn about the requirements of the grant and professionalism within my internship:
  • Monday, 4/11, 12:30pm @ Coop Conference Room
  • Monday, 4/11, 4:30pm @ 109 Persson
  • Tuesday, 4/12, 11:30am @ 108 Persson
  • Wednesday, 4/13, 4:30pm @ 109 Persson
  • Friday, 4/15, 2:30pm @ 108 Persson
We will offer a WEBINAR orientation session if (and only if) you're studying off campus: Tuesday, 4/12 at 8am EST.
IV. Submit health and safety planning form
Submit the required Health and Safety Planning Form to by 4/15 (For students participating in experiences outside the U.S.)

Colgate cannot support travel to locations under U.S. Department of State travel warnings or to areas under high duress except in rare circumstances (e.g.: native student returning home).

Step Two

Once you Confirm Your Internship

I. Complete the internship confirmation form
This form should only be completed after you have confirmed the details of your summer opportunity with your employer. Career Services will issue final offers within a week of receiving your form. 


This form will require you to complete and attach the following items:
  • Budget Proposal 2016 (xls). Please note, funding is not available to cover lost wages.
  • Confirmation of internship offer. A copy of e-mail correspondence will suffice. Please save document as a PDF before uploading.
  • Acceptance internship offer. A copy of e-mail correspondence will suffice. Please save document as a PDF before uploading.
II. Submit all required paperwork to career services within one week of receiving your final offer, and no later than June 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
Submit all required materials to Career Services either via hard copy or as PDFs via e-mail to

The following documents must be submitted as a package, not individually, and will not be accepted after June 1. 
Funding awards will be disbursed a minimum of three weeks after this paperwork is recieved:
  1. Acceptance of Award Form
  2. Colgate's Risk & Responsibility Form (R&R for domestic internships or R&R for international internships
  3. Colgate's Travel Plans Form
  4. Colgate's Physician Report Form - only if internship is abroad 
  5. Colgate's Direct Deposit Form - if you haven't previously completed one and prefer your payment via direct deposit. This form must be returned to the Office of Accounting and Control as soon as possible.
  6. Register for HTH Worldwide health and security insurance – (for non-U.S. experiences).

Step Three

After Your Internship

I. Two weeks after the end of my internship and no later than Wednesday, August 24, submit your end-of-summer paperwork
  1. A completed web-based questionnaire including (1) a brief summary/blog post (200 words) of my summer experience and (2) a thank you letter for the donor who funded my internship
  2. My supervisor’s evaluation of my performance
  3. Photo taken of me “in action” at my internship
II. Participate in an opportunity to present on your summer experience
Next school year, 2016-17, participate in Career Services’ Internship Banquet, SophoMORE Connections, or another on-campus presentation.