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Travel and Extras

Your Colgate diploma has opened doors to personal and professional success but its advantages don’t stop there.
Alumni benefits include golf memberships at Seven Oaks.
Use your status as a member of the alumni community to access a series of travel programs and special offers that will sustain your Colgate connection.
Travel programs
Off-campus study opportunities don't end with commencement. Explore the world through travel programs offered by your alumni office.

Seven Oaks membership
Take advantage of special offers for alumni living within 75 miles of our award-winning golf course.
Alumni e-mail
Log in to your profile and activate your e-mail forwarding account.
Affiliate clubs
Join the Cornell or Williams club through this special arrangement. Then, take advantage of facilities and services in New York City and other locations around the country.

Alumni rings
There's only one Colgate Alumni Corporation ring, and it's only available through Jostens.