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Green Initiatives

Reunion supports Colgate's environmental sustainability program. For this year's events, we are proud to continue our commitment to sustainability in the following ways.
Reunion 2013 Green Initiatives

Sustainable Actions

  • E-mail is the primary method for marketing Reunion, reducing the amount of paper used.
  • Local produce and products are integrated into meals.
  • Composting food waste for Friday barbecue lunches and dinners.
  • Water coolers are provided around campus in place of one-time use, disposable water bottles.
  • Recycling presence throughout headquarters and tents.
  • Golf carts used for transportation around campus to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • ShortLine Bus transportation - Providing daily bus service from a variety of locations to Hamilton. LEARN MORE
  • Dining services uses biodegradable plates, utensils, cups, and napkins.
To learn more about how Colgate is committed to climate neutrality by 2019, see our Climate Action Plan.

More Information

For more information on Colgate's Sustainability Initiative, visit the official sustainability page by clicking here or contact the sustainability coordinator, John Pumilio at 315-228-6487.