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Installment and Perpetual Gifts

Making a monthly gift to Colgate supports incredibly important opportunities for our students all year long.
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What Your Gift Could Mean...

In January
The connection to Colgate remains alive and spirited as alumni assist the sophomore class, at SophoMORE Connections, explore different career opportunities.
In February
The sidewalks and roads will stay clear for students as they make their trek to class.
In March
Alternative spring breakers will have memorable experiences as they help those that need it most.
In April
Young entrepreneurs showcase and pitch their projects to peers and alumni during E-Weekend.
In May
We welcome a new set of alumni to the community at commencement and those returning to campus for a memorable reunion weekend.
In June
Campus will stay beautiful for future Colgate students visiting for the first time.
In July
Current students continue to stay busy conducting their research.
In August
The welcome for the incoming freshman will be memorable as they see “Honk If You ❤ Colgate” driving into campus.
In September
Our fall teams remain hydrated as they continue to leave their mark on the Patriot League.
In October
Legendary figures, like the Dali Lama, continue to influence our future leaders.
In November
Case Geyer Library stays lit and warm as the days grow shorter and winter closes in.
In December
Students host study breaks to keep their peers energized and focused through finals.

Whether it is $13 a month, or an amount that gets you to the Presidents’ Club, installment giving is easy!

Make your gift today to continue to make the Colgate experience memorable.

See What Your Friends Are Saying About Installment Giving

The installment giving option provides young alumni with an opportunity to give back to Colgate at a time when many of us are just starting to become financially stable. I have always wanted to contribute, yet I could not donate at the level I wanted to without completely draining my bank account! This plan allows me to be involved gradually and has definitely encouraged me to give more.
Melissa Bernstein '03

The installment giving option allows me to fit my contribution to Colgate into a monthly budget. By doing so, I can increase my financial support and reach the Presidents’ Club level. As a Presidents’ Club member I have access to great events and networking opportunities and I know that my gift is having a positive impact on Colgate.
Mike Tone '07

For questions and details regarding installment giving, please contact Katie Scott at 315-228-7732 or via e-mail at