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Tim Glenn ’86

The Presidents’ Club is pleased to congratulate Tim Glenn ’86 and his family owned business, Glenn Insurance, Inc. on their recent award.
Tim Glenn ’86 and family
In December of 2013, the Press of Atlantic City announced that Glenn Insurance, Inc. was the 19th winner of the prestigious Bailey Award; an honor bestowed upon community-minded businesses in the spirit of Jimmy Stewart’s character George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life.

Glenn Insurance was founded by Tim’s grandfather, Thomas Glenn ’27, in 1927. “I knew from a young age that it was important to be involved in our community,” Glenn says. “It’s not something we try to do – it’s part of our DNA.” Glenn has encouraged his whole family to become involved with the local community. Each year, his kids proudly assist with the Field of Dreams which provides an opportunity for handicapped children to play baseball.

From a very early age, Glenn knew that Colgate was a special place. “It was always such a highlight to attend Colgate football games with mom and dad, their friends and our family. There is nothing like the feeling of going back to Colgate – it’s like going back home.”

Glenn comes from a long line of legacy Colgate Presidents’ Club members, including grandfather Thomas L. Glenn, Sr. ’27, father Thomas L. Glenn, Jr. ’57, and uncle Ron Glenn ’63.

“Dad would teach me about the importance of giving back. I knew from a young age that tuition alone didn’t cover the costs necessary to run a place like Colgate,” Glenn remembers. He vowed to give back to Colgate as soon as he was able, joining his father and uncle as a Presidents’ Club Member in Perpetuity. Tim is proud to carry on this legacy dating back to his Grandfather. In addition to the Bailey Award, Tim has received various community awards including: Linwood Citizen of the Year (2009), Alan Angelo Community Key Awards (2012), Linwood Education Foundation Honoree (2013), and the John G. Fitzpatrick Community Leadership Award (2013).

The Presidents’ Club has played a special role in Tim’s life. He remembers attending his first Presidents’ Club dinner at the Waldorf in New York City. “That was the spark I needed to become more involved.”

Glenn has served on the Presidents’ Club Membership Council and has been a member of his class gift committee for 18 years and is currently Class Gift Committee Chair. He is also a member of the Maroon Council, Athletic Council, Goal Getters and Hardwood Club. He and his wife, Kim, live in Linwood, New Jersey with their 3 children: Kelly, Melissa and Tommy.

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Kelechi Oguh ’08

My life has been shaped by two important moments, which I’d like to share with you today:
Kelechi Oguh, Class of 2008
The first, when I met Russell Wight, a successful real estate entrepreneur whose foundation provides scholarships to support deserving youth of the Greater Newark, NJ area. Mr. Wight and his foundation, The Wight Foundation, saw my potential before I realized it in myself, and I was awarded a scholarship to attend The Hill School, a boarding school in Pottstown, PA. It was at Hill that I learned of Colgate University from my fourth form (10th grade) English Teacher, Jennifer Lebo ’96, a proud alumna. I received a substantial financial aid package from Colgate, which enabled me to attend. Without Russell’s benevolence and the help of many alumni and parents at Colgate who supported my experience, it is possible that I would have never found my way to Hamilton, N.Y. As a result of Russell’s generosity and support from alumni and parents like you, I understand the importance of philanthropy. 

The second moment was during my Senior year at Colgate. I attended an on campus program called “Real World”. At the time, my future after Colgate wasn’t certain and the program exposed me to a variety of professional opportunities. During that weekend, I met 
Dan Hurwitz ‘86 and Bill Hecht ‘86. Their warmth and enthusiasm for real estate was infectious. However, it was their full support and willingness to connect me with others in the industry that was truly special. 

As a student caller at Colgate’s Annual Fund, I was made aware of the Presidents’ Club, but Dan and Bill introduced me to its benefits. I’ll admit that at first, making a leadership gift seemed out of reach. After all, I had just moved to NYC and had to budget for living expenses. However, after learning more about the tremendous relationship building opportunities that are provided to Presidents’ Club members, I realized the importance of being engaged. 

The connections that I have made with alumni in the past five years are priceless. I have acquired new friendships and increased my professional contacts tenfold. In 2011, at a Presidents’ Club sponsored event, I was fortunate to meet Kevin Danehy ’83, Chair of the Presidents’ Club, who is a leader in the commercial real estate world. Kevin has been open with his contacts and generous with his time. Because of his support, I was offered a position at a globally recognized commercial real estate services firm, CBRE.

Dan, Bill and Kevin are three examples of the many alumni who are true leaders in the Presidents’ Club community. I aspire to be like them – to pay it forward with my time and financial resources. 

As such, I am a member of the Millennial Scholarship Program Advisory Board which seeks to educate and inspire young alumni to support Colgate Financial Aid. I also enjoy providing mentorship to current students and recent alumni through various alumni groups: Colgate Real Estate Council, Alumni of Color, Colgate Women in Business, and The President’s Club. 

While the benefits offered to Presidents’ Club members are immeasurable, I always keep in mind that my Colgate degree is worth far more than I paid. Just for that, I will continue to give back as generously as I can. 

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