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1819 Circle

The 1819 Circle recognizes alumni who have made a gift to Colgate in each of the past three or more consecutive fiscal years.
The dedication of our alumni forms the foundation of the institution's strength.
Colgate's success is the product of the sustained commitment of our alumni. The 1819 Circle recognizes those alumni who invest in Colgate for three or more consecutive fiscal years.

To our inaugural members, we offer countless thanks. To those who would join them on our honor roll, we send our encouragement. Step forward, give accordingly, and take your place in the circle.

On behalf of the entire Colgate community, thanks again.
Christina Farrell ’90
1819 Circle Co-Gift Chair
John LeFevre ’41
1819 Circle Co-Gift Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Colgate's fiscal year?
Colgate's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.
How do I qualify for membership in the 1819 Circle this fiscal year?
You can only qualify for FY15 membership if you make a gift before June 30, 2015 and have already supported the university for the past 2 years.
Do I need to make a gift each year to remain a member of the 1819 Circle?
What if I miss a year?
Once you re-establish three consecutive years' support for Colgate, you will become a member of the 1819 Circle. By making a gift this year, you’ll be well on your way!
Is membership based on the amount of my gift?
A gift of any size will count towards your 1819 Circle membership. Your gift will make a difference!
Do capital and restricted gifts (support designated for particular campus initiatives) count toward membership?
Yes! All gifts to Colgate will count towards your 1819 Circle membership.
I am already a member of the Presidents’ Club. Can I also be a member of the 1819 Circle?
How can I find out if I am a member of the 1819 Circle?
You will receive your announcement in the mail or you may contact our office at 800-668-4428.

Contact Information

Kristen Basher
Annual Giving