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New Athletics Facility

Carve your love for Colgate athletics in stone: the cornerstone of a new home for Raider hockey, lacrosse, and soccer.
Renderings of the new athletics facility.
Hockey blades first cut the ice of Reid Athletic Center’s Starr Rink in December 1959. Basketballs echoed off the hardwood of Cotterell Court not long afterward. The center, officially completed in 1966, represented a giant stride for a rural campus of 1,400 men.

Fifty-two years after that first faceoff, Reid still serves as a hub for Colgate’s thriving Division I athletics program, which now includes 25 varsity sports on a co-ed campus that has nearly doubled its population.

Much has changed since the era of President Everett Needham Case. In the past decade alone, Colgate alumni, parents, and friends have endowed coaching positions for the university’s soccer, hockey, and swimming programs. They have provided top-tier playing surfaces for our lacrosse and soccer teams, and supported athletic scholarships for several sports. Titles and championship berths have followed.

Surrounded by all of this success, 30 coaches operate inside Reid Athletic Center’s warren of closets and cubicles. More than 400 varsity athletes compete for locker and shower space, walking long hallways that separate changing and showering facilities. Our championship-winning, nationally ranked hockey teams skate on thin ice — the equipment that supports the sheet in Starr Rink is overdue for replacement, representing a potentially significant investment in an aging structure.
In response to these realities, the Board of Trustees has approved an initiative to raise $37 million toward a new 97,000-square foot hockey arena, complete with locker, shower, and office space for men’s and women’s hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. The initiative will be funded completely by the support of Colgate community members like you.

Please join the effort and make your leadership gift today.

Colgate’s new athletics facility will stand as a point of pride on every coach’s recruitment tour and a rallying point for the entire community. Programs that continue to make Reid their home will enjoy more space and comfort in this historic building, the site of fond memories for so many alumni and friends.

Raiders become leaders — motivated individuals who adapt in response to adversity and encourage others to take initiative. In a clutch, they reach deep into themselves to find hidden sources of energy.

Our student-athletes will hone these skills in our new athletics facility and put them to use in classrooms, labs, and residences. After graduation, their intellectual agility, determination, and creativity will set them apart from their peers and secure Colgate’s reputation as a training ground for greatness. Your generosity can make it happen.

Game on.

For more information, contact:
Doug Chiarello '98
Director of Major Gifts
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346
(315) 228-7463