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Alumni Council Members

Five executive officers are elected by the Alumni Council at spring meetings.
President (One 2-year term)     
Joseph P. McGrath, Jr. '85
Treasurer (Up to two 2-year terms)     
Robert C. Johnson '94
Executive Secretary Ex Officio (Indefinite number of 1-year terms)     
Timothy Mansfield
Vice President (One 2-year term)     
Melissa J. Coley '79
Legal Counsel (Up to three 2-year terms)     
Copeland G. Bertsche '63

28 Era Representatives

Seven new representatives elected each year for a four year term. Recommended by the Nominations Committee and approved by vote of the Alumni Council during the fall meeting, and ratified at the annual meeting of the Alumni Corporation. Proposed slate is listed in the winter edition of the Colgate Scene, which also summarizes the method for contesting the proposed slate through nomination by petition. If no new nominations are made, the Executive Secretary is authorized to cast a unanimous ballot for the Alumni Council’s proposed slate at the annual meeting of the Alumni Corporation during Reunion Weekend.
Era Group* Years # Alumni Representatives
Era I 1932-1970 5,232 James O. Aston '57
Alden T. Doolittle '67
Guy V. Martin '57
Priit J. Vesilind '64
Era II 1971-1979 4,809 William C. Baker '70
Robert L. Glendening '71
Jane Porter '74
Andrew S. Roffe '68
Era III 1980-1987 4,911 Patricia Apelian Aitken '76
Patricia Spindel '79
Claudia J. Stephan Braden '80
Debra A. Duarte '81
Era IV 1988-1995 5,193 Robert P. Burke '85
Carmine DiSibio '85
Eric T. Seidman '84
Edward P. Witz '89
Era V 1996-2002 4,710 Richard M. Burke '92
Gregory M. Dahlberg '98
Robert S. Grossman '96
Scott S. Hague '96
Era VI 2003-2009 4,727 Chad E. Cooley '00
Christian B. Johnson '02
Jessica M. Prata '01
Brian K. Suiter '00
Era VII 2010-2016 4,968 Taylor L. Buonocore '08
Anne M. Huntington '07
Kelechi A. Oguh '08
Robert B. Sobelman '08
Total Alumni

*NOTE:Era groupings are reconfigured every three years to reflect an even distribution of the current alumni population. The Era groupings above are based on a reconfiguration done during the summer of 2016.

8 At-large Representatives

Two new representatives elected each year, in the same manner as era representatives, for a four year term.

9 Regional Vice Presidents (RVP)

Recommended by Nominations Committee and elected by the Alumni Council at the spring meeting.  All nine RVPs serve on the District Clubs Committee for a four year term.
Area # Alumni RVP
Metro I (NYC, LI, Westchester, Fairfield) 5,747 Susan L. Becker Gould '03
New England 4,984 Kaela A. Mueller '09
Mid-Atlantic (PA, DE, MD, DC, WV, VA) 4,252 Elizabeth F. Levine-Brown '01
Upstate New York 3,275 Nancy Miller Maynard '05
Far West 3,253 Christian B. Teeter '95
Southeastern 2,642 Lesley R. McNamara '01
Mid-West 2,517 Stephen A. Rock '85
Southwest/International 2,400 Ashley D. Kepping '07
Metro II (NJexcept Phila. suburbs) 2,171 Elizabeth Orbe Fischer '82
Total Alumni 31,241

6 Alumni Trustees

When a seat is vacant, the Executive Committee recommends one current or past member of the Alumni Council as a candidate for Alumni Trustee. Nominations from the floor are also considered. The candidate is approved by the Alumni Council at the January meeting and forwarded to the Board of Trustees Nominations Committee. Trustees can serve up to two 3-year terms.

Council Structure

Each member of the Alumni Council is a part of at least one of the nine committees detailed here.