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Contested Elections

After a comprehensive, months-long selection process, in which every alum suggested to the Council's Nominations Committee is considered, the Alumni Council announced its slate of candidates in the Winter Scene.
The elections process culminates at Reunion weekend; since no alum filed a petition to run against any of the Alumni Council-nominated candidates (by April 10, 2015), they are elected by unanimous consent. 

The Nominations Committee's comprehensive process described on the Alumni Council’s nominations and elections page, and election rules are fully laid out in the Alumni Corporation’s Bylaws.

Have there been contested elections before?
Since this process has been in place, there have been occasional challenges to the Alumni Council’s nominees, in each case by candidates sponsored or supported by a group called A Better Colgate ("ABC") or its predecessor organization “Students and Alumni For Colgate,” or “SA4C”. Since 2006, the first contested election, these elections have cost $210,000 in direct expenses so far, although with an amendment to the Alumni Corporation's by-laws to allow electronic voting, and other cost saving initiatives such as "opt-out of paper" e-mail campaign, we have been able to reduce the cost per election significantly.