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Contested Elections

Each year between August and January, the Council's Nominations Committee considers hundreds of candidates to serve Colgate. After four months of review and voting, the Alumni Council announced its slate of candidates in the 2016 winter Colgate Scene.
Since Thomas Halley '73 filed a petition to run against William Baker '70, the Alumni Council-nominated candidate from ERA II, a contested election begins on April 25 and continues until Reunion Weekend (June 4, 2016).

The Nominations Committee's comprehensive process described on the Alumni Council’s nominations and elections page, and election rules are fully laid out in the Alumni Corporation’s Bylaws.

Have there been contested elections before?

Since this process has been in place, there have been occasional challenges to the Alumni Council’s nominees, in each case by candidates sponsored or supported by a group called A Better Colgate ("ABC") or its predecessor organization “Students and Alumni For Colgate,” or “SA4C”. Since 2006, the first contested election through 2015, these elections have cost $210,000 in direct expenses to the university.