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The Alumni Corporation has hired an independent, third-party firm, to make sure this year's contested election is managed fairly and impartially.  The candidates' biographies and personal statements are presented side-by-side on the official website of the election managed by Election Services Corporation.  Those biographies and personal statements are also presented below. 

Please log into that  site when you receive your unique login credentials by e-mail or letter.  And please vote online, as it saves costs for Colgate.  If you have any questions on how to vote or need technical support, please e-mail or dial 1-866-720-HELP (4357)

Era I

James Aston
James Aston ’57 - Alumni Council Nominee
James Aston, a member of Sigma Nu, concentrated in economics. He was a member of Maroon Key, Mask & Triangle, the marching band, and ROTC. The father of David `89, he was president of Colgate’s Society of Families and has been a long-time class agent, member of the reunion gift committee and is a co-chair of his class gift committee. Aston presently represents ERA I on the Alumni Council. He won the Maroon Citation in 2002.

Personal Statement

Fifty seven, since graduating in 1957, is the number of years I have been regularly giving and working as a volunteer, class agent and class gift co-chair for Colgate. It was an honor to have been asked this past year to fill an unexpired term of an ERA l representative on the Alumni Council. In that short period of time I’ve come to understand I can do even more as a member of the Council to assist Colgate’s administration, its students and alumni. As a result I hope to be elected to a full term to represent ERA l.

James Muzzy
James Muzzy ’67
Since graduation, Jim has been in public service as teacher, principal and superintendent, served on three boards of education, and as city councilman and city safety director. Jim has donated to the Fiver Foundation, given to Colgate for 25 years, been a Presidents Club donor and financial supporter of Colgate track, and attended many reunions. For 20 years, he has helped his Teke housemother who is 94 and kept his TKE brothers connected to her.

Personal Statement

For ten years I have worked for greater alumni involvement in decision making, increased transparency, less bureaucracy, and reducing the cost of a Colgate education. I believe Colgate needs divergent thinking on both of its boards. It's time to say no to the Administration's excessive spending and staffing. As a long-time educator I am concerned that Colgate has so heavily regulated students' lives that it is restricting their opportunities for self-governance and personal growth. As an innovator in education and fiscally responsible public servant, I seek your vote to be a voice providing some outside-the-box thinking.

Era II

Andrew Roffe
Andrew Roffe ’68 - Alumni Council Nominee
TKE Member Andrew Roffe majored in History, while he played soccer, served on the WRCU staff, and wrote for the Maroon News. He is a partner in the law firm of Robinson & Cole LLP, where he chairs its Administrative Law Practice. Andy has served on his class gift and reunion committees for the past 21 years and presently serves as gift chair for his 50th reunion gift committee. He has been a member of the President Club since 1975 and has represented Colgate, on a pro bono basis, with the NY government since 2009.

Personal Statement

Colgate is central to both my personal and professional life. At Colgate, I learned about commitment and the need to contribute to society. As a member of the Alumni Council, I pledge to put to good use all I have learned for the benefit of Colgate. Like all other institutions of higher education, Colgate faces serious financial and social challenges. My experience representing a number of NY colleges and universities uniquely qualifies me to advise the institution. I am committed to dedicating the time and energy needed to represent my ERA in the best interest of Colgate.

Thomas Halley ’73
  • President of the class of 1973
  • Law degree from Albany Law School
  • MPA from Marist College
  • Reunion Chair 1993 and 2013
  • Former Class Editor for The Scene
  • Former member and President of Poughkeepsie Board of Education
  • Former host of the Monday Night Hall of Fame on WRCU
  • Attorney for numerous municipalities throughout the Hudson Valley
  • Former member of the Board of Directors of DKE International
  • Known also as "Flapper"
  • Mets fan
Personal Statement

I look forward to serving Colgate and its alumni, as I have since my college days as reflected in my membership in Konosioni and thereafter as a donor and Reunion Chair. I have visited the campus dozens of times since graduation. The Alumni Council is the primary independent voice we have.

While the Board of Directors is a self elected closed shop, the Alumni Council is open to all, and conducts business openly. I applaud Colgate's efforts to promote diversity, and hope they continue to address cost containment. I would appreciate your vote in support of these goals, and to make Colgate better.

Era IV

Carmine DiSibio
Carmine DiSibio ’85 - Alumni Council Nominee
Carmine has been with EY for 28 years and is accountable for global business performance, operations of the firm and executing a global strategy in the market. Carmine has been a member of the President’s Club for over 20 years and has led fundraising efforts for his class reunions. He has also put in place a programmatic recruiting program for Colgate students. This program provides 10-15 students per year with full-time and intern opportunities at Ernst & Young.

Personal Statement

My enthusiasm as a Colgate alumnus started the day after graduation and has only become stronger. I have been a member of the President’s Club for over 20 years and have been involved in various fund raising activities. At EY, I have instituted a programmatic recruiting process for Colgate Students. My business experience combined with my love for Colgate will provide value on the council. On a personal note, Colgate is an important part of my life having married Amy Everett Di Sibio ’86 and having our son Thomas start this fall as a member of the class of 2018.

Liz Smith
Elizabeth "Liz" Smith ’90
  • History major -graduated with honors
  • Staff Writer, Sports Editor, The Colgate Maroon News
  • Colgate Study Abroad Honors’ Program, London
  • Contributor, The Scene 
  • Co-founder, Editor, Prague Business Journal, Czech Republic 
  • MBA, Fordham University Graduate School of Business (class president)
  • Financial journalist (The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg)
  • Associate Director, Thought Leadership, KPMG LLP, Washington D.C. 
  • Frequent donor, Reunion attendee
  • Member, Financial Women’s Association of New York
  • Volunteer, St. John’s Norwood Episcopal Church
Personal Statement

I would bring a journalist’s training and a keen sense of marketing to the Council. Colgate deservedly enjoys its fine reputation, but it could improve alumni outreach and strengthen its brand. Ways to do this: leverage technology to better engage alumni, improve the university’s investment returns and promote the hiring of Colgate graduates. As class president at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, I persuaded the administration to increase career-placement funding and give students more say in school governance. As a Council member, I would also advocate fiscal restraint and budgetary transparency, in a bid to control tuition costs.

At Large

Sean Devlin
Sean Devlin ’05 - Alumni Council Nominee
Sean is passionate about improving the undergraduate experience at Colgate, particularly through expanding alumni engagement, transparency, accountability, and student rights and responsibilities. Sean’s Colgate alumni volunteer activities include: Co-Chairman, Senior Class Gift Committee; Chairman, Mu DKE Foundation; Director, A Better Colgate; Director, Alumni Council; Active Member, Rugby Alumni Association; Active Member, Boston Alumni Club. Sean lives in West Roxbury, MA with his wife Betsy and is General Counsel of Feeney Brothers Excavation, LLC.

Personal Statement

The Alumni Council is the representative body of Colgate alumni and serves an advisory role to the University. The Alumni Council has led the way on many positive initiatives in recent years, but we have not acted to advise the University with formal resolutions on the many important issues facing Alma Mater. If elected, I will work with my fellow Alumni Council members to draft and approve formal resolutions and continue to represent our alumni voice to the University. Thank you for voting. Go Colgate!

Denniston Reid
Denniston Reid ’94 - Alumni Council Nominee
Denniston Reid is chief academic officer at Beginning with Children. As a student, Reid was treasurer of the Student Government Association, co-coordinator of the Coalition for a Better World, president of the African-American Student Alliance, literacy volunteer at various Correctional facilities and member of the varsity track team. He was recognized with Konosioni and Clayton Powell Jr. Awards and distinguished as president of the George Cobb Fellows. He later earned a master’s degree from Columbia University.

Personal Statement

My love affair with Colgate began over 20 years ago. Teachers and fellow Raiders helped shape that love as well as the leader I am. At the core of both is the essence of Colgate’s mission which “emphasizes individual and social responsibility to serve the less fortunate”. I have championed this key tenet in my life’s work through dedication to helping underserved students gain access to Colgate or similar postsecondary scholastic experiences. Alumni from the 1991 to 2003 know my passion for Colgate’s past, present and future. I pledge my love and leadership in representing their voices on the AC.

Doug Wilson
Douglas Wilson ’57
Nine Wilson family members call Colgate home: Leader of the Colgate 13; member of Mu of DKE; Masque & Triangle Club; Maroon Council, and Konosioni. Doug helped establish four scholarship funds. He helped several students through the admissions process. A consistent donor to President's Club, active in Colgate 13 alumni affairs, currently serves on the board of Colgate’s Center for Freedom and Western Civilization. Doug had a 50-year Emmy Award winning career at ABC Sports.

Personal Statement

Colgate has been core to my life since I was born. I wanted to be more directly involved with the college throughout adult life, but work required a 24/7 occupation. Now, the way is clear; I am eager to serve. I promote ethnic diversity, but also feel diversity of thought is equally important for a full and balanced college education. I am especially excited about President Herbst’s vision of Colgate taking a significant place in the global collegiate community. I feel my experience in the international television world during my career will be of value in enhancing that vision.

Alumni Council Accomplishments

Young Alumni Connectedness

The Council has been generating ideas to help recent graduates feel more connected to Colgate, finding ways to meet their needs, get them involved and keep their voices heard in the dialogue. A measure of success will be increasing young alumni participation. There have been many ideas generated and implemented including young alumni events and “Welcome to the City” receptions.

Volunteer Leadership Summit I and II

Leading Colgate volunteers, representing Admissions, Advancement, Area Clubs, Colgate Affinity Groups, and other volunteer groups, joined the Council in brainstorming new and better ways to connect alumni to Colgate and to one another. Great ideas and new energy were abundant as the Council received front-line critique and advice from some of Colgate’s top volunteers. The Council is committed to inviting key volunteers on a regular basis at future meetings.


In every edition of the Maroon-News, there is an alumni column and volunteers from the Alumni Council frequently author these articles. The topics vary considerably and provide a forum for our alumni and another means of raising student awareness of their involvement with Colgate.

Student Networking and Mentoring

The Alumni Council meets with hundreds of students over the course of the year, hosting networking receptions and inviting student panelists and presenters to committee meetings. Council members also find informal time on and off campus for individual and small group meetings with students.

Real World

Each year, the Alumni Council meetings coincide with this important program for seniors at Colgate. A series of seminars and workshops is planned to help students adjust to life after Colgate and to be successful in their job search. Members of the Alumni Council play a critical role in the success of this program by helping to plan it, by moderating and appearing on the dozens of panels that students attend, and by networking with students between panels. Real World is a signature Colgate program, and the participation of Colgate alumni differentiates it from programs offered by peer schools.

Financial Participation

The Council understands the importance of investing in Colgate’s future, as generation of alumni have done in the past. While the size of members’ gifts vary greatly, 100% of the Council makes annual gifts to Colgate.

Annual Fund Outreach

The Council often offers to help the Advancement team in the home stretch of Annual Fund solicitations. The goal is to bring in an additional 1% participation—which would have a material effect on Colgate’s US News and World Report ranking—by having each willing Council member contact five alumni who have not yet given this year.

Rowdy Raiders

This program—through distribution of T-shirts and hosting of special events before games — encourages greater fan participation at sporting events. Council members initiated this program and continue to provide financial support.


Each Alumni Council member reaches out to his/her personal network to share information about Colgate and act as the liaison with the university. They played a critical role in the development of the alumni websitealumni directory, and also serve as advisors on the Colgate Scene, e-communications and other publications.

Partnership for Community Development  and Hamilton Initiative

This non-profit organization was established in 1999 to “enhance economic opportunity and community vitality in and around Hamilton, New York.” The PCD has been instrumental in the revitalization of Hamilton and the Alumni Council provided financial and professional support during its formation. A major fundraising effort of the past few years, the Hamilton Initiative was founded to revitalize the downtown buildings owned by the LLC. In recognition of the importance of this project, the Alumni Council demonstrates its commitment and 100% of the sitting board made a financial commitment.