The Colgate Alumni Council [link to]is the governing body of the Colgate University Alumni Corporation and consists of 55 alumni nominated for their exemplary volunteer service to Colgate. This independent body’s role is to represent the approximately 33,000 living Colgate alumni to the University, and ensure that the University’s largest consistent base is heard and has a voice in the future of the institution.
The Council is a diverse body with representation from all eras and geographies. The annual nominating process strives to bring alumni onto the Council who have a variety of Colgate experiences, viewpoints, and professional vocations. The one common trait binding all Council members together is a love for Colgate and a desire to see the University prosper into the future.

While not a policy making body, the Council has significant influence with the Administration, and are often used as a resource and sounding board. In addition, 6 members of the Council serve as full voting members on Colgate’s Board of Trustees (“Alumni Trustees”) to ensure that the alumni body is always well represented on the Board.