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If you would like to ask questions of a current Colgate student, please feel free to contact any of the students below. They look forward to talking with you!

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Mac Baler '15

Hometown: Albany, N.Y.
High school: La Salle Institute
Majors: Computer science and Japanese

Colgate involvement:
  • President, Masque & Triangle Student Theatre Society
  • Japan off-campus study group, Fall 2013
  • Alumni Memorial Scholar
  • Teaching assistant and tutor, Astronomy department
Mac Baler
What has been your favorite academic experience at Colgate?

When I first visited Colgate, I was lucky enough to hear Professor Anthony Aveni speak about his experiences in archeoastronomy with relation to the popular buzz surrounding the supposed Mayan 2012 doomsday prediction. I was enthralled, which led me to take his class, “Astronomy in Culture,” a course which deals with how cultures throughout time and throughout the globe have used the sky in their daily lives. Easily one of the greatest learning experiences in my life, I thoroughly loved the class, and was offered the opportunity to be Professor Aveni’s teaching assistant and tutor in the following semester’s class. I have been working together with “Mr. A” ever since. Most of all, he has truly become a mentor. As someone who has been at Colgate for over fifty years, he is a source of wisdom, knowledge, advice, and good humor.

Sarah Chandler '16

Hometown: Westfield, N.J.
High school: Westfield High School
Major: International relations
Minor: Creative writing

Colgate involvement:
  • Consultant, Writing and Speaking Center
  • Leader, Creative Writing Initiative
  • Journalist, the Maroon News
  • Manager, Center for Leadership and Student Involvement
  • President of Philanthropy, Colgate House
  • Gamma Phi Beta
  • Sophomore Residential Seminar - Jerusalem: City of the Gods (Fall 2013)
Sarah Chandler
What has been your favorite academic experience at Colgate?

Being involved with the Sophomore Residential Seminar (SRS) has been one of the best parts of my time at Colgate. Through the program, I lived on the floor of a residential building with all my SRS classmates which helped us become very close. This, in turn, carried over into our class (Jerusalem: City of the Gods) and helped stimulate interesting conversation. The living-learning environment allowed us to bring the subject matter to life and culminated in a visit to Jerusalem over winter break. Seeing the religious sites which we learned about in our class was fascinating and I got so much more out of the class by experiencing everything firsthand and interacting with believers of different faiths.

Jerod Gibson-Faber '16

Hometown: Canastota, N.Y.
High school: Canastota High School
Major: History
Minor: Psychology

Colgate involvement:
  • Benton Scholar
  • Student Manager, Men's Varsity Soccer Team
  • Men's Club Soccer
  • Crossword Puzzle Club
Jerod Gibson-Faber
What has been your favorite academic experience at Colgate?

My favorite academic experience through Colgate has been an extended study trip last May, which was an extension of a class titled Global Perspectives on Emerging Issues. Led by an economics professor, the course examined the 2001 Argentine financial crisis. We spent 10 days in the city of Buenos Aires where we attended lectures at Di Tella University (right next to the River Plate stadium!) given by professors and others who had lived through the crisis. After our time in the city was up, we ventured north to Iguazu Falls - likely the most beautiful place I have ever been (other than Colgate, of course). Then, we traveled to the city of Salta, and finally even further north to Tilcara. Having the opportunity to partake in this trip fresh out of my first year at Colgate was amazing, and I'm more than excited to spend the spring semester of my junior year in London, England!

Anan Neumeri Hossain '17

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
High school: Oaktree International School
Majors: Mathematical economics and international relations (undeclared)

Colgate involvement:
  • Treasurer, Colgate Muslim Students Association
  • Colgate Budget Allocations Committee
  • ALANA Cultural Ambassador
  • Student Consultant, Information Technology Services
  • Community Leader
  • Brothers
Anan Neumeri Hossain
What has been your favorite non-academic experience at Colgate?

Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, which is hosted by Colgate Hindu Students Association. I spent the last two years of high school in an international boarding school in India, so Holi was an event we would look forward to and celebrate on a grand scale. This event at Colgate brought back many wonderful memories and experiences I had in my high school, and connected these two places which I consider important to me.

Danielle Iwata '15

Hometown: New Jersey/Paris, France
High school: American School of Paris
Major: History

Colgate involvement:

  • Colgate Ballet Company
  • Colgate Dance Initiative
  • Fuse Dance Company
  • Friends of Madison Lane
  • French Club
  • Student Lecture Forum
Danielle Iwata
What are you looking forward to about next year at Colgate?

I'm excited to see the future of dance at Colgate. I co-founded the Colgate Dance Initiative with the mission of integrating dance into the academic curriculum and the responses from administration, professors, students, and alumni have been incredible. If there's something you think should be changed, you have the resources to try to make that change yourself. I even received a personal e-mail from President Herbst giving updates of studio renovations. The Colgate Dance Initiative has gained an incredible amount of momentum and I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish next year.

Manny Medina '17

Hometown: New York City, N.Y.
High school: New York City Museum School
Majors: Sociology and Caribbean studies

Colgate involvement:

  • OUS Scholar
  • Treasurer, Brothers
  • Promotional Director, Latin American Students Organization
  • Facilitator, Bystander Intervention
  • LGBTQ Positive Sexuality Coordinator, Student Government Association
Manny Medina
What has been your favorite non-academic experience at Colgate?

From the beginning of my Colgate experience, I was empowered to take initiative and to serve the Colgate community in addition to the greater Upstate State New York area. Through my involvement in Brothers, I not only acquired the tools and mentorship necessary to create change on campus but also became a part of a group of people who actively try to defend and give a voice to marginalized groups.

Emma Staples '15

Hometown: Barrington, R.I.
High school: Barrington High School
Major: English and Teaching Certification Student

Colgate involvement:
  • Tutor, local middle school students
  • Peer Health Educators Club
  • Adopt a Grandparent
  • Crossword Puzzle Club
Emma Staples
Why did you choose to attend Colgate?

When applying to colleges, I looked at over fifteen schools that ranged in size from 1,200 to 15,000. The deciding factor that made me choose Colgate was the genuine enthusiasm and love students, faculty, and staff have for the university. I visited the campus twice and everyone I met was overjoyed to tell me about all of their great experiences here. Students and professors alike wanted to know if I had any questions they could answer, and they all had Colgate anecdotes to tell me that made the university sound fun, exciting, and welcoming.

Katie Williams '15

Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md.
High school: National Cathedral School
Majors: Geography and History

Colgate involvement:
  • Swinging 'Gates
  • Member, Campus Master Planning Committee
  • Worker, Case-Geyer Library 
  • Samoa off-campus study (non-Colgate program), Fall 2013
Katie Williams
What has been your favorite academic experience at Colgate?

My favorite academic experience was one of my Core curriculum courses, Core Peru, taught by a geography professor. I took the course sort of on a whim, but it turned out to be a great decision. The entire course was taught from a geographic perspective, looking at Peru from multiple lenses and in different local and global contexts. My professor noticed how invested I was in the class, course material, and "bigger picture" concepts. I talked to her about the possibility of becoming a geography major, and eventually I did—with her as my adviser. Without the push to expand my academic experience through the Core, I may not have ended up on the academic track (and soon to be professional path) that I've enjoyed so much at Colgate!

Allison Zengilowski '17

Hometown: Hinesburg, Vt.
High school: Champlain Valley Union High School
Major: Psychology

Colgate involvement:
  • Sports Athletic Trainer, Women's Varsity Field Hockey
  • Vice President, Colgate Dance Initiative
  • FUSE Dance Company
  • Colgate Ballet Company
  • Technician, Ho Tung Visualization Lab
  • Student Representative, Curriculum Committee
  • Benton Scholar
Allison Zengilowski
Why did you choose to attend Colgate?

One aspect of Colgate that helped with my decision was the strong sense of community that exists here. There are many ways to create close relationships among peers. Student organizations are a means to not only pursue interests beyond the classroom, but they provide an environment where trust, support, and collaboration are founding elements. Additionally, every professor I have come into contact with, even those with whom I have not yet taken a class, have been extremely genuine and interested in getting to know me on a personal level. Colgate is able to provide a space where students are able to challenge themselves while feeling at home.