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Scholars Programs

Each year during the application review process we identify individuals of extraordinary talent and promise for our Alumni Memorial Scholars program, the Benton Scholars program, and Summer Institute program.
Each student selected for one of these programs shows the potential to enhance our community through their engagement and contributions. Within a community of talented students, these scholars set the standard for achievement and participation on campus.

Students for these three honors are selected by the admission committee without separate application or nomination and students are informed of their selection at the time of their acceptance to the university.
Eric Taber '13 traveling in the mountains in Nepal for his AMS project

Alumni Memorial Scholars

Top applicants to Colgate are admitted as part of the Alumni Memorial Scholars (AMS) program, the highest honor in the admission process. The flagstone of the AMS program is the ability to apply for an independent research grant of up to $6,000 during the four years at Colgate.

Benton Scholars

The Benton Scholars Program is about leadership in the global context. Participating students benefit from classes and experiences that will ensure they are poised for success in the 21st century.

Summer Institute

Students selected for the the Summer Institute have demonstrated incredible talent, creativity, intellect, and determination in the face of significant challenges. It is designed to ease the transition to college and enhance the academic preparedness of its 36 participants each year.