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Transcript and Academic Credentials

While other considerations are important, the academic record stands at the heart of any admission decision. The Office of Admission evaluates this record strictly in terms of course selection and achievement — that is, what a student did with what was available at the school attended.
The number and difficulty of courses chosen each year are an important measure of academic motivation and achievement. While each student's record is evaluated individually, the strongest applicants will have completed five major academic courses per year whenever possible. The senior year program is most important as the final preparation for college-level work. It should include at least four to five courses, including honors or advanced-level courses such as AP or IB courses. Colgate encourages students to pursue cumulative subjects such as foreign languages and mathematics through the senior year.

Though Colgate has no specific foreign language requirement for admission, we look for strong language ability, and most incoming students have taken three years or more of a foreign language in high school.

There is a Colgate graduation requirement of competence in a foreign or classical language. Competency may be demonstrated in one of three ways:

  1. Successfully completing three years of study in one foreign or classical language in a secondary school prior to enrolling at Colgate.

  2. Demonstrating basic language skills as measured by tested proficiency; for example, a score of 580 or better on the SAT II subject test in the foreign or classical language.

  3. Successfully completing the study of a foreign or classical language at Colgate through at least one term at the intermediate level.
Optional: If an applicant is taking a language in high school that he or she plans to continue studying at Colgate, he or she may wish to take the SAT II subject test in that language. This will be used for placement into the correct level.